Landscaping refers to the way of structuring up the land around the building while utilising the plants. It is the process of enhancing the aesthetic outside the building. Landscaping is done by adding plants, changing the terrains and constructing structures like fences and patios.

Before building up a structure, there should be appropriate arrangements done. In modern constructions, landscaping is planning and developing gardens to enhance the appeal of a home or building and provide usable outdoor space to the residents. For this purpose, it is incredibly essential to join the best interior designing courses to learn the basics about tool usage.

Principles of Landscape Design

Professional architects use four landscaping principles to create beautiful spaces that are attractive as well as useful. The principles include:


It refers to the size of a particular object in relation to the other object of the surroundings. To create a pleasing landscape, it is essential to properly proportion the different elements in the landscaping like plants and hardscapes, etc. Modern landscaping software uses mathematically accurate tools to have the perfect proportions for landscaping.


Repetition helps the designers to create familiar and predictable patterns throughout the landscapes. To bring a sense of predictability in space and make it look comfortable, the interior designer tends to repeat some features and elements. Architects use 3D software for landscaping to integrate common designs without making them look boring and dull.


Order is the balance between the different elements of landscaping. Basically, there are two ways of bringing an order which includes:

1)Formal Symmetrical Balance
2)Informal Asymmetrical Balance


It is essential to maintain unity among the different elements in landscaping. As a result, all the components are interconnected and work better to create an entire landscape with architectural tools and software.

To understand the use and application of these principles, it is necessary to take an interior designing course. The landscaping software is very useful for interior designing.

Use of Landscaping Software

The landscaping software helps the architects and designers to build their ideas into reality. It helps in streamlining the landscaping drafting designs and correcting the inaccurate designs of plans. Using modern landscaping software, architects can make compelling presentations of their ideas. The 3D visualisation features make it effortless to explain various landscaping elements to the customers and make necessary changes effectively. Furthermore, the software makes it easy to include outdoor models like buildings, vegetation, roads, vehicles etc., around the building.

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