We all know that in any relationship there are “three magic words”. We don’t always want to say them. Sometimes we think that our actions will say them for us, or at least convey their meaning, but we all know the effect of saying “I love you” at just the right time.

All objections crumble, and those three small but powerful words pave a way forward for the relationship, even when everything seemed lost.

Now imagine if that were possible in business!

Imagine if you were negotiating the deal of a lifetime and you could just feel it slipping away. Something just wasn’t working, you are giving it your best shot but in your heart you just know that you are not going to close this deal!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a “magic bullet” like “I love you” that you could say to get everything back on track?

Well, I have to tell you that there is a “magic bullet” in sales, it is just that most people don’t know what it is, or how to use it correctly.

Now, before I spill the beans and tell you what these magic words are, I want you to know just WHY it is worth you spending time on this and just how many different ways your can use these words. For example:

• You can use it in your website copy.
• You can use it face-to-face with clients.
• You can use it in your proposals or brochures.
• You can even use it to sell training courses or
• Make the products that you sell irresistible!

Have I got your attention now? Do you think that it would be worthwhile spending some time on this issue?


So the answer to your question – what is the magic bullet is simply – WIIFM!

What Is In It For Me!

It may sound a bit harsh – but really, honestly, we are only interested in what someone else is selling if it will:

• Make me look good.
• Help me do things quicker, better, cheaper.
• Solve my problem!

People don’t actually care what you do, how long your company has been in existence, how flash your website looks. They only care about YOU in as much as what you do affects THEM.

They only care about how you can help them get the results they want or how you can help them solve their deepest and most painful problems. They want to know how the products or services you are offering will change their lives.

If that business development course you’re offering next month will share tricks to increase their productivity, marketing techniques to double their income or give them tips on hiring staff so the business owners can take more time off, etc., you need to say that!
You’re not just offering to help people grow their business…you’re helping people improve their overall quality of life.

So how do you figure out just what your businesses “magic bullets” are? Start by jotting down the answers to a couple of questions like these below.

What sorts of common problems do your clients experience?
What solutions have you found for your clients in the past?
What are their concerns or fears?
What keeps them awake at night?

Then you just need to put it all together – your best possible answers and there you have it the “magic bullets” for your clients and your business.

Have fun and see what magic you can create!

Author's Bio: 

Adele Howell-Pryce is a Small Busisness Sales & Marketing expert. Her website is www.1stopmarketingsuccess.com and her goal as a Business Coach is to "Accelerate YOUR Business Success. For bi-weekly hints and tips on business, sales and marketing then sign up for her newsletter at www.1stopmarketingsuccess.com.