Hurricane lamps should be an essential part of everyone’s emergency gear. Most can be fuelled by pretty much any type of oil or liquid fuel you have to hand, although it is always wise to only use the recommended fuel.

There are three parts that form your standard hurricane lamp: the chimney, the wick, and the base. The base will contain your fuel and control knob for lowering and raising the wick.

The wick can be purchased in any local hardware store where you can also buy the recommended lamp oil which will generally produce less soot or smoke.

Tips on how to use hurricane lamps

Modern people do not use hurricane lamps owing to the wide use of electricity nowadays.

However, if the power goes off it is best to have and know how to use, a kerosene hurricane lamp:

Step 1:
The Hurricane Lamp has two pieces where the screws are fixed to the top and base. Fill the lamp oil to 3/4th of the base by unscrewing the base piece.

Step 2:
The wick of the lamp should be passing the insert from the bottom such that turning the wheel brings the wick up. Clear the metal parts and allows the lamp wick to adjust and you can keep the required flame size by turning the wheel.

Step 3:
Re-secure tightly the metal piece to the base keeping the wick properly attached. If oil gets spilled, clean it before lighting.

Step 4:
Light the wick. Inside the four metal arms, slide glass globe to the metal base. Remember to adjust the flame size with its spinning wheel.

Tips on home usage

• Keep Hurricane Lamps safely stored away, well away from pets and children when not in use.

• Young children should be under their parent’s or an adult’s supervision whenever there are hurricane lamps in use as the children will be unaware of the dangers posed by flame-based lighting.

• Take extra care in any room that is also being lit by candles.

• Ensure the lamp is placed in a safe location such that even accidentally it should not get knocked over.

• In short, always practice safety when using hurricane lamps.

• Citronella lamp oil may be used in lamps when used in outdoor settings. This will help to keep away insects.

• Holidays and birthdays may be challenging if you are shopping for a man who seemingly has everything. Why not give him a hurricane lamp as this is an unusual gift. Most American homes have oil lamps of one kind or another so it is a gift that will always be used.

It would make a unique gift that is old and yet most people would love to own one. Not only does it make an unusual gift it is also extremely practical and will be of huge help in times of need when there has been a sudden electrical outage.

• Those that are old enough to remember homes being regularly lit up by lamps will be delighted to see one once again, nostalgia is a wonderful gift.

• Homesteaders and preppers will always find hurricane lamps to be an ideal gift as it is in line with their way of life of living off grid, or at least being prepared for living off grid.

Wherever you live be it in the country, or in the city, a hurricane lamp will be sure to offer comfort and reassurance as it lightens up your home during emergencies and power outages.

One of the best things about using a lamp during a power outage, and one that is often overlooked, is that it brings the family to one area of the home, allowing quality time together. Sadly, something that is very rare in today’s digital world!

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