Witness young and radiant glow in your skin with Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections which make your skin fairer and healthy. Now don't depend on cosmetics and makeup when you can get the skin tone you want! As the name suggests, Glutanova 900 contains large amount of Glutathione i.e. 900mg in each of its dose making the skin whitening process quick and effective. It reveals perfectly radiant and pinkish white glow eliminating any kind of skin irregularities like pimple, scars and blemishes. So why wait when you can get dreamy and attractive look here!!

How is Glutathione a skin whitener?

Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant of the body. It is a protein made up of cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. It works as skin whitener by removing toxin waste and free radicles from our body that produces melanin responsible for darker skin tone. It also prevents any future production of free radicle. It is the most popular and widely used skin whitening ingredient throughout the world. Glutathione is also a dark spot remover, prevents pimples and blemishes.

What are the benefits of Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections?

Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections directly get mixed with our blood stream and work from inside the body to improve skin complexion and gives rapid results permanently.

Glutanova 900 skin whitening injection is recommended by dermatologist and skin care experts.
Whitens the skin, whitens dark lips giving it pinkish glow.
Prevents skin problems like discoloration, pimples, blemishes, scars and melisma.
Keeps skin rejuvenated, fresh, supple and moisturized throughout the day.
Anti-ageing properties that removes signs of ageing.
Permanent skin whitening.
Doesn't allow skin problems to come back in future by protecting it from environmental hazards.

How Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections makes your skin younger looking?

Glutathione contains Collagen which is a protein that gives strength to the body cells. With age, cells become weaker and thinner, giving wrinkles, sags, loose skin and less elasticity to skin. Collagen is essential to keep skin elastic, pump, youthful and supple. Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections contains large quantity of Collagen giving you a youthful white glow that you always desired.

What are the Ingredients of Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections?

It contains all the required active and powerful skin whitening ingredients that gives you overall healthy and beautiful fair skin:

900mg Glutathione
Ascorbic Acid
250mg Vitamin C

What is the procedure for taking Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections?

One ampoule is recommended to be taken every week through intravenous procedure. Care should always be taken that procedure should be executed in the supervision of trained nurse or doctor. For better rapid results, dosage should be continued without any gaps. After getting the desired results, maintenance dosage should be reduced to 1 injection every two weeks. Vitamin C can be taken for faster results.

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