There are various types of gold testing methods are available ion market for testing the purity of gold. Today testing the purity of gold is not only important for the customers as well for the jewellers as well. The jewellers used to do several types of testing at the time of buying gold. The value of this metal is very high in comparison to other metals and it value increases as time passes by. That is why people like to possess more and more gold so that they can use the in times of their financial crisis. In present times people are running without cash. To get more and more cash people are selling their old broken gold jewellery and in return of that they are earning hard cash. Today various testing machines are available in market. These are the result of advancement of technology. These electronic instruments are used in testing the actual percentage of gold. In these machines there is an in built micro processor for testing its purity. It shows the ultimate result or the actual percentage of gold. The purity level of gold is tested through these instruments.

The purity level of gold should be tested with several gold testing equipments. These methods are contemporary methods. Besides these gold testing machines, there is another traditional method and this method is called acid testing method. This acid testing method is very useful and it is a traditional method. There are some people who still think that this acid testing method is obsolete. But that is not true at all. The jewellers still use this method for testing the purity level of gold. This method shows accurate result and it is a reliable method.

This acid testing method comes with acid testing kit. This kit contains a black stone, colour bottles etc. there is an advantage of using this method and that is its portability. This testing kit can be carried from one place to another. This method is used by most of the jewellery shops.

For gold testing acid testing method is the most reliable. Generally this method is used by the professionals. This testing method must be done by the professionals because professionals know the process very well. If you want to get more in formation about this gold testing method you can take the help of internet. There are different sites from where you can take information about this testing process.

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