As any fine art photographer will tell you, photographs are very delicate pieces of artwork. The surface of the photo can most easily succumb to damage due to contact with moisture, dirt or fingerprints, not to mention abrasion can also wreak havoc on a photograph as well. Protection is why archival photo sleeves were created. Archival print sleeves in popular sizes, such as the 8x10 photo sleeve, help the busy artist or gallery owner to quickly and safely store their fine art photographs.

What Are Archival Photo Sleeves?

Archival print sleeves are made from products that are free from harmful compounds that can destroy the print's surface. Acid free photo sleeves are your best choice in this regard for effective and safe photo storage, and in fact are the type of storage used by the world's top art galleries and museums with priceless artwork at stake. Acids, which are found in wood products such as paper, along with sunlight, pollution and dust all play a part in damaging fine artwork, including photographs. This is why it is so important to use acid-free products, such as acid free photo sleeves, in order to give your fine art photographs the best possible chance to fight that damage.

8x10 Photo Sleeves For Your Photographs

Many photographers specialize in taking actor headshots, which are done in the 8x10 size for uniformity, as preferred by casting directors. Others take high school senior pictures with regularity, and still other photographers take family portraits. All of these types of shots traditionally come in the 8x10 size, and if this describes a part or the whole of the type of pictures you take, it is wise to invest in 8x10 photo sleeves in quantity. The 8x10 photo sleeve is perfectly sized to fit these images, so that they have a professional finish for your photography clients. An 8x10 photo sleeve is also the perfect choice for photographs that you have on display for sale in a gallery, because the 8x10 photo sleeve will protect the print from fingerprint oils. These clear 8X10 photo sleeves can also provide excellent protection for smaller prints as well.

Easy To Use Adhesive Photo Sleeves

Photo sleeves come in flexible sizes as well as entry-points for your photos. They have a side or top opening, so you can select whichever is the quickest and easiest for your use. The opening also has a flap that covers it, and the flap has adhesive on it, creating adhesive photo sleeves.

Any of these photo storage products are available from top fine art photography framing suppliers online.

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