Selenium turned into a viral arrangement in testing web applications because of the way that the HTML components utilized as a part of advancement have a tendency to be increasingly confused and differing. WebDriver permits running tests in any sort of program and in addition distinguishing application components.
Dynamic applications:-
Site page components for the most part have novel identifiers that assistance limiting them inside the page. They are executed utilizing the traits of HTML labels ID or Name. These qualities can be static, which makes testing simple.
In any case, late patterns constrained these ascribes to be progressively created. This is basic for JavaScript applications.
About Selenium:-
Selenium WebDriver is an open source-venture for testing web applications in various programs, utilizing diverse programming dialects that permit the robotization of program controls. Selenium will likely supply a very much composed question situated API that gives enhanced help to current propelled web-application testing.
Testing a dynamic web application gets troublesome when tedious undertakings that ought to be mechanized don't generally get similar parameters. Accordingly, the components that ought to be transmitted towards these assignments change starting with one test then onto the next. This happens in light of the fact that dynamic web applications are database-driven. Each time a component is refreshed in the database, it influences one or a few zones of the application. In any case, dislike these components can't be recognized and controlled.
Another trouble frequently experienced in web applications is the measure of time you have to sit tight for the page substance to stack. Components just show up after the execution the JavaScript code and subsequent to getting an answer from the server. This time interim can't be resolved on the grounds that different startling occasions may happen while executing the application. The tests are intended to be pursued each other. When one test closes, another test begins without sitting tight for the HTML components of the page to stack. This will in the long run influence the tests to fizzle.
Selenium effectively takes care of the considerable number of issues introduced previously.
Utilizing locators:-
The WebDriver gives a locator to distinguishing progressively produced components of a similar sort inside a website page. There are 8 sorts of locators: Id, Name, Identifier, DOM, Link Text, Xpath, CSS, UI.
Utilizing the right locator guarantees quicker and dependable tests that can be all the more effectively kept up amid application improvement or successive application discharges. For testing computerization you can work just with IDs and Names – they make your work a ton simpler.
• ID – select component with the predefined @id quality
• Name – select first component with the predefined @name quality
• Identifier – find component utilizing a label name
• DOM – find components that match a JavaScript articulation
• Link Text – select connection component which determines interface content
• Xpath – find a component utilizing a XPath articulation
• CSS – select component utilizing CSS selectors
• UI – select all around characterized component.
In some cases, picking a locator can turn into a bad dream, in light of the fact that there's no real way to tell if it's the ideal locator or on the off chance that it will just vanish amid testing.
Verifiable Wait versus Explicit Wait:-
Once in a while another component utilized as a part of the test can't be distinguished. For such circumstances, Selenium created WebdriverWait. Since the components are refreshed in DOM without reloading the website page, it is prescribed to confirm a condition each time a component has been adjusted – either by sitting tight for a specific measure of time (Implicit Wait), or by checking each second that the condition is met, before following the subsequent stage in the content (Explicit Wait).
The Implicit Wait strategy advises the WebDriver to sit tight for a specific measure of time, at whatever point it tries to discover one or a few components that are not instantly accessible, for fear that an exemption is returned. The default esteem is 0.

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