Q3 ’20 (July-September) data of US apparel imports shows that the market is still sluggish in the country and the shipping partners of USA are just surviving in this tough time while revival doesn’t seem to be on the cards – at least not in the subsequent quarter! According to an analysis done by data analysis team of Apparel Resources, some apparel exporting countries were able to recover business and some even saw a growth from the same quarter of 2019 but majority of them fell on yearly basis.

USA was down in its import volume by 13.68 per cent in Q3 ’20 from the same quarter of 2019; however Bangladesh and Vietnam still stayed positive on Y-o-Y basis in volume-terms, despite
USA’s fall. Bangladesh was up in its value-wise exports as well in the third quarter, while India and China couldn’t turn the waves in their favour both in volumes and values!

As far as September ’20 is concerned, Y-o-Y drop (15 per cent) in US apparel imports value has continued; however there is slight surge (1.22 per cent) from a month earlier. This monthly recovery in September ’20 over August ’20 is something that the major exporting destinations will be looking forward to see in the coming months as well, amidst the wave of economic turbulence that’s likely to be created due to the results of US Presidential elections. It’s worth mentioning here that the trade war with China may become less intense under the tenure of new President of USA which may fix the supply chain woes for the buyers!

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