If we go by traditional mindset of attractiveness of an individual is linked to how they look however the reality is that people get attracted to each other on various metrics. Keeping this in mind andwemet, an Indian online matchmaking service, took a poll, this was responded by 700 urban Indians men 25 years on what they find unattractive about the opposite gender if they seek to be in a partnership with time. This is what they said that they find unattractive in a woman

Seeking unnecessarily attention

Rude behaviour

Wearing too much make-up.

Does not contribute to a conversation

Faking an accent

Bad body odour

Does not believe in equality

Is not a feminist

Portrays to be someone she is not

Not taking care of fitness

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andwemet is an Indian matchmaking service for single urban Indians living in India and from around the world who are looking for a long-term meaningful relationship.

Founded in 2019 to change the way people meet online, we have created a service that will build trust in online matchmaking. andwemet is for real people who are looking to build their relationships. It is unlike the swiping culture that is muddling the idea of romance and relationships.