If you consider one of the models of load bank- ASCO Froment 3010 Load Bank- you would find the battery capacity re-injection functionality of the load bank checks the battery performance of the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) providing ultimate protection to some of the critical data or asset of any organisation.

So What’s There in the Latest Technology?

Technology has seen changes over the last few years. The construction of the load bank has been so much driven by advanced engineering that the units have stood out to be reliable, robust providing the highest standard of precision testing. In the case of the UPS, the dependency cannot be merely calculated on the battery potentiality but also how the load bank functions.

The Reason for Ups Failure

Many a time, we have seen glitches in the data retrieval or saving when the main power goes off. UPS stands out to be a reliable back-up power device that facilitates the saving of vital information in crucial moments. However, a slight alteration in battery performance is always going to be an ambiguous situation.

According to the experts, most of the cases of UPS failure have because of the malfunctioning of the battery. Therefore, a battery system along with the battery performance is what that is going to be key element defining the performance and reliability of a UPS. If you are looking for the performance of the UPS before its installation, it is always recommended to undergo power and performance testing with the help of a rated loadbank. This will ensure whether the system will be feasible or would need regular maintenance and management.

Batteries Are the Power House of Ups, So Check It!

It won't be wrong to say that batteries are the powerhouse of any UPS system. Therefore, to ensure that the entire system operates at its peak on the critical power supply, temperature, voltage fluctuations and frequent cycles, the testing stands out to be very much relevant.

Other Aspects of Load Bank Testing

A load bank testing stands advantageous in a number of cases. Besides ascertaining that the UPS is going to stand the test of time, there are other problems that a facility manager often faces during the operational hours. The challenges are enormous in this case. Preventing the power outages and minimising the downtime always stand significant. The use of mobile loadbank for thorough testing of the UPS is always going to give a peace of mind with the certainty that things won't go wrong while being in operation.

When Did You Carry the Last Battery Check?

Well, to be precise on this note, experts advise running a regular battery check reviewing the various parameters at the string level. The load bank testing carries out a series of routine test or checks ensuring that the device operates at an optimum level by eliminating the downtime and all the possible risks involved. It is considered as a truly innovative, yet simple way to have a routine battery and UPS testing.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a power engineer and is associated with the testing of the power back-up devices. In several blogs and article, the author has emphasised on how technology has played a significant role in the development of various industries. The author holds mobile loadbank testing to be one of the effective outcomes of technological advancement.