Ups and downs, everyone has them. In work, in life, in relationships, even in fun.

Imagine a week where you feel utterly alone and single, blessed with plenty of friends, stressed because you are working too much, grateful because you love your work. You receive a call from a loved one struggling with addiction, a friend whose husband is battling cancer, yet several friends call to check on you, pray for you, and invite you out.

The week continues to be full of ups and downs in work. Several freelance jobs came through and you feel blessed because you have so much work. A couple of jobs don't come through so you hope the workload stays steady. You try to juggle a job and a business because you love both; but, it wears you down. Ever been there? Most entrepreneurs have. They know what it's like to burn the candle at both ends and when the right time is to blow one end out.

Just one week can contain so many ups and downs. Life and its seasons can contain ups and downs. It's important to remember, "this too shall pass", both the ups and the downs. The best way to look at each moment is to keep it in perspective with the larger picture.

Visualize what you want. As you proceed to move closer in the direction of what you want, the obstacles tend to disappear. The answers to how to go around them appear.

Although life is naturally full of ups and downs, and we all experience challenges, counting our blessings and being grateful for the small things will keep it all in perspective. Our perspective, our mindset, and our attitude can change even the most challenging of circumstances.

Finally, remember, when the challenges seem insurmountable, you always have support. Reach out to a friend or a loved one and ask for their help to put your situation in perspective.

And, enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Author's Bio: 

Royce has a diverse background ranging with experience in sales, management, program director roles, and as an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. Her entrepreneurial ventures launching nine start-ups have allowed her to develop her skills in marketing, writing, consulting, and leadership. Royce has been asked to speak to groups of up to 200 on leadership, faith, and business skills. She is an active member of Toastmasters and volunteers in her community. Recent highlights of her career include winning a business plan competition on a social enterprise business model, coaching a student who was accepted into the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU), and mentoring at Start-Up Weekend and Ashoka sponsored events at Rollins College.

Most recently, she published her first book "7 Beautiful Weeks: A Love Affair That Wasn't Meant to Last. Royce has written and developed curriculum teaching others how to make productive life choices to thrive, not survive.Royce is currently developing several webinars on social enterprise. She enjoys working with at-risk populations and has developed curriculum and facilitated experiential learning sessions to help them break free of unproductive patterns.