One of the rainshadow regions trekking is Upper Dolpo Trek in Nepal Himalayan. The goal of the Upper Dolpo Trekking is to visiting "Shey Gomba" as well as Phoksundo Lake. Upper Dolpo Trek is not so touristy trekking in Nepal because of high entry fees. The permits require like Upper Mustang Trekking. Upper Dolpo Trekking permit cost is the US $ 500 for first 10 days per person per entry then after $ 50 per day. And such way, you need lower Dolpo permit, it cost $10 per week per person. As well as, you need to Phoksundo National Park fee $35 per person per each entry. We can say to this trek Inner Dolpo Trek as well.

The lower Dolpo trek does not need the special permit which requires $500 but you have to pay Phoksundo National Park fee so far. The Lower Dolpo Trekking steps forward to high passes are Baga La (5175m) and Numa La (5318m). Likewise, cross Kang La (5115m), Saldang La, (4785m), Cross Jeng La (4850m) for Upper Dolpo Trek.

You need to fly first to Nepalgunj then to Juphal taking a domestic flight with two different days. We can start trek to Dunai the same day you fly to Juphal.

Upper Dolpo trekking is one of the difficult but enjoyable and popular trekking routes Nepal. Upper Dolpo encircles by immense peaks including the Mt Crystal as well as many more peaks. By the way,it is trans- Himalayan region of mid- West Nepal. It takes you to the freezing settlement of legendary Shey Monastery beyond Phoksundo Lake. The Phoksundo Lake has turquoise blue colored water. And it is surrounding by dense forest and the snow-capped Himalayas. Upper Dolpo Trekking is much better camping organize trek so far.

Actually, Dolpo is a region of the minority of Buddhist monasteries as well as those of pre-Buddhist religion of Bon Po. The Dolpo protects one of the last leftovers of traditional Tibetan culture. Located in the western north of Nepal near Tibet border. The geographically the region is still within Nepal but ethnically attached to Tibet.
Most significantly, a large region of Dolpo has been set apart as Shey Phoksundo National Park at 3,555 square kilometers. There you can spot blue sheep, Himalayan Black bear, leopards, wolves and the exceptional snow leopards. The path passes through a calm forest and lastly to Palam, a winter settlement used by the people of Ringmo village. The houses here are almost buried in the sandy soil.

Nepal Kailash Trekking designs Upper Dolpo Trek for those who want to experience magnificent adventure. As well as it is for stumble upon attractive places, people, villages, valleys and serene forest of pines, oaks. The reason attractive because of rhododendron, the trek passes many enormous mountain ranges. To let you know, Dolpo is one of the most rewarding treks in the remote areas of Nepal, very rarely visited by an outsider. And it has herbal land, perfect trans-Himalayan culture as well as Buddhist monuments; distinctive human culture and trekking around the upper Dolpo is an unforgettable and the trip you can end at Jomsom taking more passes so far.

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