There are many applications available for uploading your photos to the web and many provide shortened links to Twitter. But what if you are looking at something on your desktop you want to share? Or maybe a webcam shot? These are five of the best Twitter tools for uploading images from your desktop.

DesktopTweet is a great tool for capturing and sharing a screenshot. You merely highlight the area that interests you, write a tweet to go with it, and that's it. DesktopTweet will handle the rest. You can choose from 7 photo uploading programs

Skitch is an ingenious screen grab application for Macs. With it, you can make screen captures out of any section of your screen; then crop it, edit it, and scrawl in the margins if you like. Skitch is compatible with Wacom tablets, expanding your editing power. You control the privacy settings when you are ready to share.

TwiCam lets you not only upload photos from your computer, but also shots from your webcam. You can stitch them together to create animations, which are saved as .gif files. This is an inventive way to share what is happening around you, literally.

Tweetshots looks at screenshots from the Twitter perspective. This app uses bookmarklets to capture screenshots of tweets then shares them on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also email them or embed them in your blog.

SparkBooth is a premium service that produces the classic vertical 4 photo strip. Download the software and your computer and webcam become a photo booth. SparkBooth offers automatic upload to many social media sites, as well as saving copies to your computer and printing photos in a variety of sizes. This is a novel way to add enjoyment and keepsakes to any gathering.

As you can see, there is no reason you can't share projects you are working on, bits of documents, or entire web pages with your followers. Whether you are looking for input, or inviting your friends to view a corner of your world, these applications for sharing screen captures are some of the best Twitter tools available.

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