ArenaNet announced that those who purchased Guild Wars 2’s existing expansion, Path of Fire, will also able to get access of upcoming Icebrood Saga expansion, which they can use in the game. Prologue To Guild Wars 2 New Season The Icebrood Saga has many upgraded options as compared to the older version. The following updates has been given in the new version.

The Updates

Game Director Mike Zadorojny’s come back with the last season trailer and gives a recap of everything that’s released in the last two years since the last series Path of Fire rolled out. He is also talking about new things about to hit testing, like gear/build templates and Swiss-style PvP tourneys.

Now he is moved on to the new trailer for this season! Underwater sunken ships, wintery hellscapes, We spy centaurs, the new dragon and Charr zombies. The season is called “The Icebrood Saga”. In this season creators will focus on the The Charr and Norn, and their enemies Northern Shiverpeaks, Jormag and the Sons of Svanir. It's “different kind of dragon story,” according to the studio.

ArenaNet will also be tying together Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns into one paying (so Heart of Thorns is effectively free for Path of Fire owners). Aaaand there is a new promo episode coming for available POF owners before Icebrood starts– It’s called Bound by Blood.

By the way, the team is calling this whole new thing a saga rather than a season, but Anet apparently now has four content writing teams, so don’t expect that episodes to be the exact same format of the previous season’s content – they were gonna be trying new things in new episodes. Old idea’s will come into play as well.

There are several new seasons launched by ArenaNet

  • Living World Season 1
  • Living World Season 2
  • Living World Season 3
  • Living World Season 4
  • The Icebrood Saga

The whole episodic season will be without charge to those players who own Guild War 2's paid expansion, Path of Fire - and ArenaNet has also issue a statement that, from now on, its first paid-expansion, Heart of Thorns, will be included as part of Path of Fire for free.

Those who have purchased Heart of Thorns previously, ArenaNets says, they will get an extra special Heart of Thorns Veteran's Pack, containing the likes of the exclusive Mordrem glider, and the "Vanguard" title, plus a gift voucher for one of a workable sixteen different gem store armour skins.

Guild Wars 2 Team Structure

We are giving a chance now to reorganize ourselves into four fully staffed content writing teams with extra teams dedicated to handling the core game like Skills and Balance, sPvP, Rewards, WvW, and more.

Content writing teams will have more stretchability to decide what makes sense for a given released episode—for example, we could focus on increasing the boundaries and content of an already available map if that would provide a much better experience rather than creating a new one. Ultimately, this will mean a comparatively steady release of new content that will allow us to continue revealing the story of Tyria in exciting new pattern.

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