“Fast, Good, and Cheap” is the right way to describe the rise of Glovo. 6 years post its launch in the market, the Spanish startup is moving fast in the on-demand delivery industry. With a humongous presence across 22 countries, it satisfies customers with the real-time dispatch of flowers, food grocery items, junk food, medicines, and other essentials. Entrepreneurs can also use the potential of digital commerce by launching a Glovo clone.

How does a Glovo Clone function?

  • It is a ready-to-use quick commerce solution. A skilled app development company will create an advanced delivery app like Glovo with modern technologies and tools.
  • Digipreneurs can use the Glovo clone and team up with reputed fast food outlets, grocery stores, medical shops, pizzerias, provision stores, supermarkets etc. This will enable them to set up an on-demand delivery venture in a short duration.
  • Besides that, techpreneurs get maximum flexibility as they can add their brand name and logo. Additionally, the returns are high for entrepreneurs. Developing a solution from scratch needs deeper pockets. The expenses are high due to the hiring of software developers and getting the correct tech stack.

How do entrepreneurs benefit by building a Glovo Clone Platform?

  • Owners of a Glovo like platform can monitor the business operations on a real-time basis. In particular, this is useful when there is a massive expansion from one country to another.
  • Be it small, medium, and large retailers, a Glovo clone is apt for increasing the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).
  • Above all, visionaries with a business mindset can recruit delivery executives to manage business operations across borders.
  • Efficiency is ensured as daily activities can be split into 3 categories (convenience products, emergency delivery, and high-ticket orders).
  • This will lead to a 360-degree control with instant updates about business performance (order volume, costs, profits, and revenue).

Wrapping Up

Glovo is growing its business activities aggressively. The Barcelona-based startup is targeting a Gross Transaction Value of 300 million euros by the end of this year and 1 billion euros by December 2022. Entrepreneurs can also experience stupendous growth by establishing a Glovo clone. They can be game-changers in the market and accomplish their objectives.

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