Times are changing! It is obvious all around you that the world is continually evolving, and the job market is not exempt from this evolution. Changes in the economy and the development of new technology have leaked their way into the methodologies employers use to recruit and hire new candidates. Therefore, in order to remain relevant in the professional world and achieve your career goals, you must evolve your job searching efforts. Use this expert list to identify the new method of job searching and learn how you can easily adapt.

1. Your resume should be brief but thorough. With an increase in the ease of applying for jobs as well as the increase in the number of job seekers, hiring managers have less and less time to read resumes. Thus you should include a short summary of your work history, which highlights only those accomplishments and responsibilities that are relevant to the job opening. At the same time, if your professional history is extensive, then you do not have to limit yourself to a one-page resume.
2. It is time to go digital. Human resources professionals, like the rest of us, are spending more time on their computers, tablets, and phones. Very few resumes are actually read on paper. To accommodate this shift, you should assure your resume format is easy to read on a screen. You will also want to save your resume as a PDF file to ensure the format is not distorted on different devices.
3. It is about who you know. While this has been true for quite some time, it is even more present in today’s job market. A strong professional network is, therefore, the most important tool for a successful job search with approximately 80% of jobs coming from networking. Dedicate time each week to attend meetings and events to expand your network as well as to reconnect with individuals in your current network.
4. Your resume must be personalized. In the past, job searchers created one resume to distribute to all job openings. In today’s job market, you must create a resume fit for each job opening. This includes the appropriate format, keywords, and accomplishments for the individual job opening.
5. Keywords are the new key. Resume scanning technology has increased the importance of keywords in your resume. Analyze the job posting as well as literature from the organization to tune into the important words to include in your resume. There is likely no human being to make assumptions or read between the lines of your resume.
6. It is time to be social. With the increase in technology and social media, it is important to create a positive and professional online presence. Hiring managers will view your profiles so make sure they are professional. You should also develop and perfect your LinkedIn profile to accurately reflect your professional accomplishments and career goals.
7. Look beyond traditional postings. Job openings are not only posted in newspapers and traditional job search websites. Companies are using social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to find candidates. There are also job opening websites for specific job types and industries.
8. Your personal brand matters. You must be able to create and manage your personal brand, marketing yourself to potential employers. This shows individuals how you are different from other candidates and what you can offer the organization. Furthermore, your personal brand is how you will stand out and be remembered by hiring managers.
9. Seek out coaching. Career coaches have become extremely popular among job seekers. These individuals specialize in the evolution of job searching trends and techniques and are great coaches in helping you incorporate them into your job search. In addition, many job searching blogs and websites provide you with the knowledge you need to update your efforts.
10. You must be flexible! With these ten evolutions in job searching, potential employers are looking for one thing. That is a candidate that is flexible and can adapt to changes. This skill will allow you to be successful in your job search efforts as well as within your new career.

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