Budgeting to make your bathroom renovations can be tricky, so the Renovco team has a range of our updates to help you start creating a bathroom that’s better than you imagined.

We recommend following these three steps for your bathroom renovations ideas:


The easiest way to inject new life into the bathroom is to update the color of your taps and accessories.

Talking toilets

Swapping out an old toilet can be easily done with a back-to-wall suite. It has a sleek profile and is really straightforward to retrofit, especially if you follow the shape of the existing toilet so that you don’t need to disrupt the existing tiles or flooring.

Climbing the walls

You’ll be able to clear the clutter from your vanity and floor for a very small investment by making use of wall space. They’re often under-utilized in small bathrooms but can really change how functional your space can be.

Tallboys and mirrors provide great storage where there previously wasn’t any and can come in a number of different configurations. Some come with in-built power points and others combine mirror storage and adjustable LED lighting for the ultimate mood lighting.

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Blerina Laska