Project Management is a field where extensive communication and collaboration with the team comes in handy to deliver projects as good as masterpieces. To outshine as a successful Project Manager, use the Basecamp—a cloud-based online project management tool. You can set up a project in Basecamp and track tasks. Since communication is an important part, one can level-up by adding people to the project for communication and manage the message board. File storage, as part of data maintenance forms another vital part of the aides provided by Basecamp. While these are all that Basecamp enables the users at, we would now learn about the features or advantages of the Basecamp tool.
Basecamp comes in very handy, as project creation becomes a cakewalk using this tool. It helps you create a notepad sheet is created when you create a project. Since project management is about team management as well, one can add team members and their details, while keeping them informed about every progress. This also keeps the process and status transparent. It is easy to be a manager when you have time to look at other details and using the feature of Basecamp, you can add administrators for the projects; keep it on rotation to keep it fair. Keeping and then maintaining a To-do List is also very necessary and for this Basecamp allows you to even send progress enquiry mails to the team members, allocate due dates, and assign tasks. Discussions keep is handy so using the Basecamp you can hold fruitful discussions and brainstorming session which will show up on the home page. The project information or follow-up mails also become an easy task.
There must be times when project managers wish to create project relate documents that can be simultaneously be worked on by multiple users, and for this, Basecamp is the go-to name. Not only can the user create documents, but having issued rights, these very documents can become easy trackers. And cherry on cake, you can use these sheets on your mobile device with equal ease. Then the next worry is maintaining a calendar. A true cumbersome task it is! But not if you use Basecamp. Not only does it remind of timelines and deadlines that you feed it keeps all event-related information unforgettable too. Since you have been able to take care of deadlines and events using the Basecamp, time for us to tell you that each milestone you touch or aspire for (through the To-do list) is also made easy by the online tool. To achieve these milestones, Basecamp keeps you informed about the tasks they are working on, the dates and timelines they have, and the open and closed tasks; all of this, using a viewer-friendly calendar view mode.
There are a few more advantage, like the Everyone tab to check status and role of people involved in a project, and Everything tab gives a summary of the project work. It is Apple-friendly, and Basecamp comes with 3rd party integrations enabled and a strong security system that includes firewalls, daily backups for major systems, data encryption, and surveillance. But is it all hunky-dory about Basecamp and no flawa? We will not be dishonest and admit there are a few. These flaws are like no creation of Gantt charts and task interdependencies, not many accounting related features, and an ever-preventing security issue with storing data on the cloud.
These are a few, hence the Basecamp is a huge hit and a must-go-to. There are, however, a few pricing details that you need to look at and pay for the active programs.

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