All the Porsha Williams and Shama Morton fans out there, are you guys aware about Porsha Williams Instagram where she shared a few hot videos where she is having the time of her life in Las Vegas with her boyfriend, Dennis McKinley, Marlo Hampton, Tanya Sam, and Shamea Morton.

They are seen wearing cheetah prints and sexy bikinis, Porsha and Shamea had an epic dance contest where they whined and twerked on their men.

Shamea was introduced to viewers in the last season she performed. She was introduced as one of Porsha’s good friends. While Shamea was brought in as Porsha’s friend, it was evident enough that she was also friends with Kandi. Shamea is now engaged to be married and clearly, doesn’t appreciate being the subject of such a scandalous claim. Porsha Williams and Shamea Morton seemed to have taken their men into Kandi Burruss along with the husband with a motive of having something as it was clearly shown in the The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that aired on Sunday night, that’s what Phaedra Parks claimed during a conversation with Porsha Williams and Sheree Whitfield.

Unleashing The Secret!

Shamea, has been seen already speaking about the shocking claim that has been laid upon. Considering the instagram activity, Shamea denied Phaedra’s claim that where she dismiss that she spoke a lie! Shamea also lashed out at Porsha for cosigning that particular lie. Shamea admitted that she’s hurt that Porsha, someone she considers, or perhaps by now considered, a best friend, didn’t stick up for her. Shamea also made it clear that she believes that Porsha broke “girl code” with what she did. Since we are unveiling the secret about Kandi Buruss, it is important to note that Kandi also denied the claim. When a viewer tweeted that people start telling lies when the hating doesn’t work and that Kandi should just let them talk, Kandi thanked the fan for seeing through

Activities By Various Fans: Instagram!

With all such activities, one of the most dedicated followers has opted to compliment about Porsha’s body and calling Shamea amazing, how these two gorgeous mothers remarkably pulled out strong and weak game simultaneously. The follower;s eyes were said to be playing tricks seeing the woman in green looking totally airbrushed. A fan also showed and showered some love upon Marlo saying, “if she wasn’t in the original picture that’s the problem with being a chameleon, you change up so much, even the pigment can’t keep up” This is sort of criticism which might affect her remaining fans!

With unleashing all the surprises and reports coming out, the recent reports from Radar Online, has shown the two might have reignited the flames of love, and are now engaged once again after having a special moment during the filming of the show’s 12th season.

Porsha Williams And Shamea Morton Seemed To Have Taken Their Men Into Kandi Burruss along with how many fans fans were quick to express their congratulations online and wished the couple all the best, not everyone seems to be buying the news.

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