“Quasimir™ or Quasiworld™ – is term of Rachel Madorsky, for the genuine but invisible side of the Universe, which has existed forever and knows neither time nor space. It is the abode of the unconscious human mind and the source of paranormal phenomena. The Quasiworld™ is that unassailable element of the supernatural, existing since the ages of oblivion and unaffected by time, which has an unrecognized sphere of influence, direction, energy and awareness to which humanity aspires to reach from day to day.

All the terms and formulations, including the terms Quasiworld™, and others in the book, have come to me in times of contemplation and when I’ve been communication with the Quasiworld. These terms have been given to me by invisible instructors to use in describing the characteristics and phenomena of the Quasiworld.

I was in search of an appropriate word or term to call for the reality that's unknown and inaccessible to our senses, when my invisible teachers sent me a message with the word Quasiworld. I was astonished by the term and looked it up in the dictionary. I was shocked to learn that "quasi" meant "supposed, seeming, and unreal."

The Quasiworld is that loftier reality that exists, independent of our world. It is the evolved state our souls have aspired to reach since the most ancient ages. The exchange of information between these two interconnected and peacefully coexisting realities (our physical world and this unseen world) is a constant dynamic process…”

©Rachel Madorsky
"Create Your Own Destiny!"

Author's Bio: 

Rachel Madorsky is internationally published award-winning author and known worldwide as an expert on bioEnergy Healing and Energy Medicine.
She authored several books including, “Symphony of Your Karma,” “Create Your Own Destiny,” “Karma of Destiny,” “Energy and Health of Man” and “Your Choice.”