What if you could live every moment of your life in inspiration, enthusiasm and joy? What would it be like? How would you be spending your time?

Really take a moment to think about this now. You may even find resistance to considering this kind of life. We learn pretty early in life not to expect too much so as not to be disappointed. This is a great way to live if you are simply a victim of circumstance. But you’re not. You are an active Co-creator of your life, whether by default or conscious creation.

There are only four things that keep you from living your inspired, enthusiastic and joyous life:

1. Unwanted beliefs
2. Unwanted thoughts
3. Unwanted emotions
4. Unwanted behaviors

And all of them lead you to your unwanted experiences in your life.
You can discover the beliefs that keep you stuck in your own rut by working backward through the above list.

For example if your unwanted behavior (4) is procrastinating writing your book (or any other project) notice what you are feeling when you think of doing the project. What feelings are coming up? Is it fear (3)? You may experience the fear of disappointing yourself by doing the project and risking that it may not be good enough. So your unwanted thought (2) is “I will probably fail”. The unwanted belief (1) supporting the unwanted thought is “I’m not good enough to take on this project”

Here it is put more simply:

1. Unwanted belief: I’m not good enough
2. Unwanted thought: I will probably fail/the end result will be a disappointment
3. Unwanted emotion: Fear (of failure)
4. Unwanted behavior: procrastination

Your life is like a puzzle. You can always unravel the “hidden” belief by working backward. Remember doing mazes as a child? Finding the way through seemed clearer if you started at the end rather than the beginning.
Try this with other unwanted behaviors even addictions. Then use EFT to tap out the belief.

Living your inspired life only requires some fun and creative sleuthing!

In delightful inspiration,
Michelle Lee, CH

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Lee is a Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and Soul Realignment practitioner specializing in self-esteem, women's empowerment and self-actualization. As a Relationship Specialist, Michelle inspires women to reach their fullest potential by healing and rebuilding the relationship that matters most. Michelle is the author of "Fall in love...with your Self" self hypnosis CD and "Self-Love...How to get there from here" DVD workshop as well as many other workshops. Michelle is available to speak to your group. Michelle’s website is www.setfreetransformationalhealing.com.