Understanding the psychology of one's self is a huge advantage. The mask of fear lives deep in the mind. Finding these fears within yourself and disabling them is key to breaking out of habitual reactions. Here is a list of common fears. I can't think of a fear that doesn't live inside these 6 basic fears.

Fear of poverty, this fear is most common in man. It's the hardest fear to master. It takes form in many of man's under achievements. The symptoms of this fear are expressed as such; tolerating poverty, laziness, indifference, indecision, worry, doubt, over-caution,procrastination, lack of ambition, enthusiasm, initiative and self-control. If you exhibit any of these qualities, be glad because you have now identified the source. Knowing your enemy's name will help you tackle the weak and ill-conceived thought.

Fear of loss of love, this fear can be absolutely maddening. Many have went to jail, the sanitarium or the grave from this driving force. It drives men to act as a fool and often leaves one in regret, sometimes several years later. Here are some of the symptoms of this common fear; jealousy, fault-finding, gambling, insomnia, lack of persistence, weakness of will, lack of self-control, lack of self-reliance and bad temper. This fear is behind many bad relationships and domestic disturbances.

Fear of old age, this fear has strong cause for its convictions, age shows it's traits of disabling an individual very well. Also you have the uncertainty of death, for no one can truly know all it infers before they find out for themselves. Too often people claim old age in their 40's and 50's when they are really at their peak of mental maturity. The symptoms of this fear are as such, apologizing for one's age,the habit of killing off initiative, imagination and self-reliance, referring or reminding oneself or others as being old, the act of wearing clothes and/or other accessories in the attempt to appear younger, getting medical treatment or plastic surgery to comfort oneself, constant worry over ones age.

Fear of criticism, this fear is most destructive to ones self-image. It takes from man the confidence he needs to claim his desires. The symptoms of this fear include, shyness, flattering people to their faces and criticising them behind their backs,taking criticism too hard, being defensive, awkwardness in social settings, spending beyond one's income to fit in, feeling inferior, lacking in personality, poise and decisiveness. This fear is a potent motivator, search for it whenever people are nearby.

Fear of ill-health, this debilitating fear can kill. Entering a hospital may raise your risk of developing this fear. Many physicians are immune to this fear as their chosen field of expertise, as it practically requires it. The symptoms of the fear of ill-health consist of hypochondria, worrying about illness, being attentive to commercial and magazine ads consisting of medicines and types of illness, a tendency to mask the symptoms instead of treating the cause, feigning illness to skip work or school, worrying over medical bills, prescriptions, cemetery lots and burial expenses. This fear is compounding as it gets worse when an illness is discovered and escalates in its power to dominate the mind. This fear is tricky, as it constructs habits to attract illness.

Fear of death, this fear boast a worthy adversary. It engulfs many men's thinking and wins much material gain from men courageous enough to test it. I think the best of men try to avoid death, as testing it only has 2 outcomes. The symptoms of the fear of death include, the habit of thinking about death, not making the most of life, accepting dogma's when the fear has been stirred, lack of suitable occupation. This fear can be conquered through fixing in one's mind that it's a fact of life. It's not in your best interest to let it stand between you and your desire.

Now that we have seen the masks of fear, what fears do you see? Take an exact analyse of yourself. Only through unmasking the fears that have you reacting in habitual expression, can you take action to stop them in their tracks. It takes stepping outside yourself, be the observer only then can you direct your will to take the action as you really see fit.

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-Bruce K Elder
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