The advent of the internet has provided a whole world of new opportunities for anyone who wants to excel with his or her talent once discovered. Do not leave your talent idle and walk about as someone who is aimless with his or her life. Unlock that talent and see how you can apply the internet to make some money with it. The information age that we are in right now is possible because people from all over the world today can have access to the internet. Information that you cannot access in the past because they are regarded as the exclusive right of some few is now accessible just at the click of a computer mouse. Today, there are so many things that you can do using the internet. Even when you go to sleep, the internet never sleeps, it keep working for you. It is a market that is alive 24/7 hours a day.

Do you know that an estimated figure of three trillion dollars is moving around the world every day? The implication of this is that there are many businesses been transacted globally via the internet. This enormous amount of money is moving around, all over the World Wide Web seeking for those who will take advantage of them and take their portion out of this money on a daily basis.


1. The internet gives you the opportunity to reach great number of people all over the world just at the click of a button. It also creates the opportunity for a large number of clients to reach you with ease. Today, there are over 1.5 billion users of the internet globally and you can expect this figure to increase by the year 2015.

2. Using the internet to do business also let you cut down the cost of rendering services or making transaction to the lowest minimum.

3. Also through the internet, you generate multiple streams of income without much stress.

4. According to my friend, ‘the internet grants you access into the global wealth. You can make money online even while you are asleep. If you do not want to live and die like a local champion then you have to explore the internet opportunities’.


You should ask yourself, ‘What are my potentials?’ You need to ask yourself this question if you want to come out of the money trap you have always found yourself easily.

You see, potentials are those raw talents and abilities that God has deposited in our lives waiting for sour discovery and use. They are the raw materials God has given to us as a gift to accomplish our purpose here on earth and fulfill destiny. God gave them to us so that we can achieve great things for him; better our life, and the lives of other people.

The way we dispense and utilize these potentials will determine whether we succeed in life or fail. It will also determine the quality of lives that we will live. Some people are doing the jobs that they do not like. They complained about it but does nothing more than complain; the simple reason for this most time is because they have not sat down to ask themselves: “What is my purpose on this earth and what has God given me to accomplish this purpose?” In other words, they have not discovered their purpose let alone discovering their potentials. You must know that the discovery of your purpose has something to do with the discovery of your potentials, which in turn helps you to locate your destiny on God’s agenda. God has a great plan for your life so He gives you the abilities and talents to accomplish that plan.

Your potentials are those unused skill, exceptional talent, or your ability that only you can make use of very well, in which case, if we gathered about 1000 people together you will outshine them all. The internet provides us with many opportunities to make money legitimately online. This is the reason you should unlock your talent and see what you can do with it via the use of the internet.

Now, what do you thinks that you can do looking deep inside of you? Can you write, sing, compose a poem, write a story or book, translate or interpret to and from your mother tongue? Are there things that you know how to do which other people did know and would be glad to know about? What skills do you possess? Are you skilled in designing a website or the creative arts? Do you love taking pictures? Are you a certified professional in any field? E.g. Pastoral and Christian counseling expert, computer professional, , financial planner/accountant, Marketing, Medicine or are you are a Medical Doctor, a dentist or a drug/herbal drug expert, surveyor, architect, engineer, an expert in relationship, psychologist with years of practicing experience? Do you know also that people make money online promoting other people products? Some who have website or blog – free or paid one - also make money doing it.

If your answer to anyone of these questions is yes, then you can make extra income online. If however you do not know your God-given potential then you would need to ask God. I know if you ask him faithfully, He will definitely speak to you. Therefore, you have no excuse at all.

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