Can there ever be too much joy in the world? We tend to become confused in life and think that our lives are meant to be hard and difficult. If that is your belief, I am here to tell you that you are living your life backward. We have become too busy, crazy with activity and stress in our lives that we miss our greatest joy. Do you find yourself multi-tasking to the point that you really don't hear the full conversation of your friends, children or others; possibly you have not given your full attention to others because you are preoccupied? Quite possibly, you need to do your part and get intentional. Listen to what others are saying. Give them your full attention, let your associates, your family and friends know that you are listening and interested in them and their message because you care. Watch their energy shift and become lighter because someone is paying attention to what they have to say.

We very often spread our anger and resentment. We spread gossip and mean words or gestures with others yet when it comes to joy, we become afraid that people might get the wrong idea. 'JOY' after all is contagious! If you are wondering how you can spread some joy today, my answer to you is 'be an example.' You actually have the ability to unlock your highest potential in the simplest way.

Live your life with passion and a smile on your face, not in a neutral and disinterested way but with enthusiasm. Make the decision that you are going to live boldly and with passion. Use what you have inside of you and spread some joy to all those with whom you come into contact with. I walked up to a cashier at the supermarket yesterday and blurted out: "Good Morning Ladies!" I even surprised myself yet for that moment I was feeling the magic of the day and what I created in that moment was magic for those two women-I brought a smile to their face and I saw that their tired bodies became uplifted and energized.

You don't have to have a great gift for God to use you in a great way. Spread some joy today and watch what happens right before your eyes. Unlock your highest potential and become a better you! You can be the one today who can create some magic in the lives of others. Some people think that 'Magic' has to mean a new boyfriend or money or something that is valuable to them in their minds yet 'Magic' can be realized and appreciated in the flash of a smile, the sweet expression of a kind or thoughtful word or a soft touch that says: "for this moment in time, I can bring sunshine into my life and the life of others". It puts life into proper perspective for you and all of us.

As long as you continue to stir up joy, hope and a wonderful sense of possibilities, you will be unlocking your highest potential because you are walking in the way of the Lord. I believe that 'Joy' is a wonderful gift that we can give to others and ourselves when we consciously spread it with an open heart. Joy has a specific vibration and it has the power to transform you and your life into something far greater when you openly and willingly allow it to flow out from you freely.

I believe that it is time for each one of us to build a solid foundation of increased awareness of bringing light and love into the world. Anchor your thoughts, beliefs, hopes and dreams in being an uplifting spirit who spreads joy. Don't fall into the trap of being an anchor that drags you or others down. Use your gifts and talents to be a vessel of love and joy in your corner of the world and make that your legacy. Then magic will truly be yours to enjoy.

Author's Bio: 

Joan Marie is an accomplished Medical Intuitive, and Business Intuitive and is the founder and President of Joan Marie Companies. She is fast becoming the World’s leading authority on the teachings of Intuition and how to make your Intuition work for you in your life. She is famous for her uncanny details as a Medical Intuitive. People seek out her skill at being able to scan your body in search of clues for the disconnect as she sees the emotional link between the disease or situations happening in your over all health. Joan Marie has teamed up with Doctors from all over the world to consult with their patients to help resolve their medical problems. Many doctors refer their clients and encourage them to work with Joan Marie because they too realize that many medical problems are emotional based. She is also a medium and can communicate and deliver messages from loved ones from the other side. Joan Marie’s life mission is to not only awaken you to your true life’s purpose but to also assist you at the core of your soul with healing any emotional problems that are continually coming up in your daily life. Through her special talents and gifts Joan Marie can share with you the exact age when your problem began as she works with you to bring you specific tools to help you heal your soul and emotions.