While most brands assume that Pinterest has nothing to offer to them unless they are selling art or promoting retail therapy; this new age social platform has a lot to offer to all kinds of industries who are willing to get innovative and leverage the benefits of visual content.

Just because you are a part of a relatively uninteresting industry, it does not meet that you cannot show your presence on visual social networks. Here are some fascinating ways in which your industry can optimize Pinterest and break the social networking glass ceiling –

1. Healthcare –

If surgeons can now live-tweet open heart and brain surgeries, and actually have thousands of people from around the world follow them; it isn’t long before you realize that there is a huge audience waiting out there who is also interested in visuals. As a healthcare facility or service provider, you can share original content in the form of success stories as well as repined content which connect to your own communication strategy. For example, Vancouver based Physiotherapy experts can share before and after x-ray images and photos of rehabilitated knee-replacement patients and also re-pin content that exists on Pinterest in the form of motivational quotes and other success stories of inspiring people and miracle stories.

2. Education

The education industry is turning into a competitive business these days. Pinterest offers an excellent opportunity for universities offering higher education to market themselves to prospective students and their parents. Not only does this website offer the correct demographics for the education industry, the visual capabilities make it easy for universities to exhibit their academic infrastructure, pictures of the campus, alumni, mascots and other events.

If you browse Pinterest, you will come across a number of boards which has students uploading pictures of their experiences studying abroad as full-time or exchange students.

3. Not for Profit Organizations

Non profit marketing in its own sense is an upcoming field and the entry of Pinterest as a visually social platform couldn’t have been timed better. In today’s day and age, non profits are making an extra effort in informing existing and potential donors about the influence of the organization in society and towards their cause. Pinterest in a great medium to showcase what your organization aims to do by putting up visual content in the form of high quality photographs of activities and events your organization undertakes.

4. Engineering and Manufacturing –

It is time to clarify a major misconception that Pinterest is only for B2C engagement. In fact, as an engineering or manufacturing business there is a lot you can do to engage your B2B clients by using the platform to display your products, processes, elaborate what your technology is all about and even innovatively share with your audience members through the visual medium your company’s process management and philosophies in quality management and maintenance.

The idea is to get creative and consider all the fascinating ways in which you can share visual content online to engage your audience members and stakeholders for the benefit of information sharing and improving online presence.

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