Since the early days of civilization Greek, Roman and Mayan Goddesses instinctively understood a "Woman Code". One of
empowerment, resilience, inner strength and class.

In today's competitive and stressful society it is all too easy to fall prey to feeling unheard and voiceless, overwhelmed and invisible.

Many seek attention by posting frequently to social media or becoming drama kings and queens in an attempt to validate themselves in unproductive and pejorative ways.

Instead of waiting for the world to acknowledge you, counting your likes and basing your self-worth on the number of views or comments you receive, it's time to take action.

Actions that will benefit your confidence, self-esteem, and sense of self-worth.

You do not need to spend years in therapy to learn these tools. Each of us has been given a gift of an inner Goddess Warrior. One that is strong, passionate and has an inner voice that echoes her life has meaning and purpose.

Don't lose sight of that.

Remember the Woman Code:

A Warrior Goddess is one who stands in her strength and believes in herself.

The Warrior Goddess is tamed. She is in control of herself and is not out to control others or the world. She focuses on what she can do to make positive changes.

A Warrior Goddess has resilience and class and speaks from a place of

The Warrior Goddess is a constant work in progress. She forgives herself if she slips up and picks herself back up and moves forward. She doesn't have the time or interest in playing the victim.

The Warrior Goddess believes she is enough. She doesn't need to be someone she is not just to please another.

In my books Lessons for an Urban Goddess & The Urban Goddess Lesson, you will find more information on how YOU CAN kick-up your confidence and tap into your Warrior Goddess by unleashing your authentic self,

Get started on your GODDESS journey today!

Author's Bio: 

Laney Zukerman is an Empowerment & Relationship Coach, Author, College Educator and Contributing Writer for the Huff Post, Divorced Moms and NEXTONSCENE Magazines.

Her works have been featured in Bride's, Redbook, NBC and dozens of other publications.