If someone told me I would be running an online metaphysics university with thousands of students all over the world earning Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. and D.D. degrees in metaphysical topics, I would have laughed. I was a traveling girl with a backpack, seeing the world on a shoestring, and I liked having a simple, unencumbered life without responsibility. I spent days meditating on mountain tops, weeks traveling in foreign lands, and months hiking remote places in wildernesses. I didn’t have much money, but I sure did have a great thing going on. Life was simple. I did go to college and earn degrees in film and audio engineering, and worked in the entertainment industry on some famous movies and TV shows for a while but for the most part, I lived my life as a free spirit, a wandering sadhu.

However, the call came to do something with what I gained during those years of self inquiry and introspection. It wasn’t just for me that I had awakened, healed childhood traumas and become lucid in the now moment. It was for the purpose of assisting humanity in whatever way I was supposed to. I wasn’t quite sure how an ordinary person like me would do anything to change the world, but I let go of all my worldly dreams, egoic desires and surrendered to whatever the divine powers would do with my life, no matter what that would mean. I considered my human life to be over and service to humanity’s awakening would be what the rest of my life is about. My heart was broken for humanity’s suffering, which seems so unnecessary, and I felt driven to do something about it. Once I found freedom from suffering, I felt compelled to pass that gift on to others.

I was teaching meditation classes, aura viewing, channeling, chakras, light body, astral projection, lucid dreaming, pranayama, yoga and all kinds of other spiritual classes over the 20 years that I had been on the spiritual path. Many people went through my year-long meditation program. Some voiced that they wished they could have earned some sort of certification since it was such a transformational and educational experience, so it was a logical next step to create a school. It had been an idea I’d had for a while, but it never really seemed feasible before. After all, it’s not like you can open up a school and just offer degrees. There are all sorts of registrations, paperwork and other things that were beyond my imagination to do.
However, it seemed like a thousand angels were whispering in my ear, offering the support that it would take.

Needless to say, it was a lot of work to launch University of Metaphysical Sciences but there was some sort of divine force behind it that was much larger than me. It’s not like there is a manual you can buy with step by step instructions on how to open a school. It was like detective work. However, the next step magically appeared, the right person would come to solve our next challenge, and I came to trust the process. It all seems so magical even today how everything just works out whenever we need the next thing to happen. I swear there was some sort of divine entourage that made University of Metaphysical Sciences manifest. University of Metaphysical Sciences is a divinely blessed endeavor, transcending seemingly insurmountable odds, and it all started on $200 worth of my grocery money!

It took many years and about 50 people to write all the courses for University of Metaphysical Sciences. I was editor in chief, but it was a job so large one person couldn’t do it by themselves, not even in a whole lifetime. The curriculum of University of Metaphysical Sciences is massive, heavily researched, and there are 65-70 meditations that go with the 80 courses in order to deliver the experiential aspect of the education. I wanted UMS to deliver some serious bang for the buck and offer the best possible program that would be a truly transformational experience for its students.

I have worked 12-16 hours per day without a break for about 7 years now, but it has all been worth it. The way I see it, I am making up for all those years of sitting on mountains meditating in my younger years! I live a life of fulfillment, purpose and lucidity in the now moment and I feel blessed to be doing my little part to assist in humanity’s awakening. We receive emails and phone calls every day from students stating how this program has changed their lives for the better. Even people who aren’t our students email us and tell us how we changed their lives, since we offer a lot of free information, video satsangs and meditations as well. The teachings have always been free in my opinion and I have set up legal ways for people to get some of our courses for free through our church website, even though they can’t get the degrees for free. It’s only the degrees that cost money since our staff of 30 people has to work so hard to get students through the program, and everybody needs money to live on, of course. UMS is not a low maintenance business. It is very complicated and expensive to run.

University of Metaphysical Sciences has grown in leaps and bounds, and it has become a leader in the field of metaphysics and spiritual growth. Now our curriculum is in the process of being translated into other languages, opening branches in other countries, and we are starting our own retreat center called Starlight Mountain Farm in Grass Valley, California by the blessing of a large loan and investors so that we can offer live classes and workshops. University of Metaphysical Sciences is also becoming a production facility for videos and spiritual films, and is launching a TV series called Spirit Talk, with a panel of guests speaking about spiritual topics in a beautiful garden. All of this is being done with little or no money. UMS keeps its prices as low as possible so everyone can do the program, no matter what their income bracket is. Our next step is to make these courses available to prisons and third world countries.

The doors have opened wide for University of Metaphysical Sciences and all its students, and UMS has been truly in service to humanity. This is a beautiful era that we live in, one that supports the existence of schools like University of Metaphysical Sciences where spiritual seekers can achieve their goals in an organized, linear format. Never before have the teachings, concepts and methods of meditation, spiritual growth and transcendence over the human condition been so available to all who have an interest in this path to self discovery. The time is now for a new awakening in humanity, and now the schools are appearing in physical reality to support this change in the world. The secrets of the ancient mystery schools are no longer secrets anymore!

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