Wow! Another new year? Where did all the time go? As you look back, did you achieve all that you set out to do last year? Are you where you want to be in all aspects of your life? How long did you follow through on your New Year’s resolutions? Or did they sputter out within a few days or a few weeks?

Well, now we get to start all over again. The good news is 2008 is the year of New Beginnings! In numerology,it is a ‘10’ year (2+0+0+8 = 10) which provides the positive energies of: creativity, expansion, progression and future oriented, leadership with courage, wisdom, and knowledge, interactive, self sufficient, high aspirations, and magnetic forces to assist in our creations. So in 2008 you can take all the lessons you’ve learned and completed from the past and apply them so you can consciously create your future. And this leads us to the Universal Law of Reflection . . . is your life reflecting back what you envision?

The Law of Reflection is ultimately the representation and manifestation of “As Above, So Below”. The Universe will reflect back to you what you shine into it. You may want to create ‘be-ing’ and living ‘Heaven on Earth’ within you and around you. However, that may not what is necessarily showing up in your life if what you are sending to the Universe is somehow skewed. The Universe reflects back to you what you are giving to it through the expression of Self whether it is in your thoughts, words, feelings, or actions. Remember, all of these are energetic vibrations which ultimately manifest as form in your life.

So if your life is not what you envision, ask yourself where are you out of alignment with your dreams. If you desire love in your relationships and life, are you expressing love to yourself and others? And, of course, you must begin by loving yourself first then share the love with others; not the other way around. Do you love yourself free of conditions or are you judgmental and continually beat yourself up? What is the nature of your self talk? Do you even pay attention to the thoughts, words, feelings, and actions that you have toward yourself? Many don’t. This is the opportunity for you to become more conscious with your energy toward Self and others.

I love the Awareness Jar process to help people become more conscious about what they are truly creating within and around themselves. Find a big empty jar and list the types of negative energy you put out to the Universe. As you think, say, feel, or do anything negative that you have identified and want to change, you pay the jar $________ (decide on an amount that stretches you!). Some examples include: expressing lack or limitation, saying “I always or never”, “I’ll try”, “I don’t know”, “I can’t”,
“I should or you should”, “I’m stupid”, or saying “I’m sorry” as an automatic response or when you don’t mean it, feel you’re not good enough or worthy, think something is too hard, do not fully commit, gossip about others or continue passing on hearsay, not deal with a person directly, engage in negative name calling, or take things personally.

The moment you become aware of any of the above negative expressions or behaviors, immediately identify a counteractive positive expression or behavior. Now, tell the Universe to Cancel or Delete the negative energy you originally sent, then send forth your new positive energy by claiming it as if it is occurring in the present tense. Initially, this allows your small egoic fear-based mind to be conditioned and uplifted into your Divine Mind and you will eventually feel it, know it, and believe it. You want to give your current mind a new job. The new job is to catch what you are honestly thinking, saying, feeling, and doing then to replace it with what you truly desire. You do it immediately as it happens. If you are at work or someplace else, you write it down and make sure to pay the jar when you get home! And no cheating! Commit to follow through on this for a minimum of 30 days with 90 days being optimum or until you have broken your old mind set and habits. Once you’re done, go out and have fun with your $s!

If you are putting out to the Universe that you want love but doing the opposite of what you intend, the Universe will reflect back to you the energy you actually sent forth. Think of the Universe as your mirror. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ____________ of them all?” If you are not the most lovable of them all (to yourself) then you cannot be that with others or expect the Universe to bring it to you. But the Universe will support you by bringing you opportunities to see where you are and are not love. This shows up as the people and situations that bring you the experiences and lessons about love.

I found I kept attracting the same type of man in my personal Beloved relationships. I desired a relationship that was full of love, honor, respect, cherishing, nurturing, fun, compassion, passion, integrity, openness, intra-dependence (versus co-dependence), and honest communication. What I actually created was so far from what I desired that my body had to get my attention by becoming physically sick thus showing me, “This is not it!” The reflection was so intense so I had to look at why this was occurring. I knew it was not about who he was or was not; it was my journey to explore, learn, and heal what was coming to the surface for me to address.

In being willing to go into the awareness no matter where it took me of why the relationship was showing up the way it was, I was able to be honest with myself even if the Truth hurt. In being compassionate with myself, I was able to be present with the True energetics – the thoughts, words, feelings, and actions that I had rather being judgmental of what I was discovering from the past or what I was presently creating. The Universe reflected back to me where I needed to refine and learn how to love, respect, and honor of my Self more deeply and where I needed to communicate with my Self more openly and honestly. As I did this, I was able to admit the relationship I was in no longer served me; I experienced, learned and healed what I needed to so I could attract the man I truly desire. And interestingly enough, each man I date now is closer and closer to whom I envision my Self to be with in a committed Beloved relationship.

Remember the Universe provides you with an infinite amount of possibilities and opportunities; it does not create your life, you do. What will the Universe reflect back to you in 2008; what’s in alignment and what’s out of alignment within your expressions? What is it that you will consciously choose to create in 2008? It’s your choice – you are the Co-Creator of your world!

Author's Bio: 

Amanda Butler is a Consciousness Navigator who inspires, guides, educates, and supports individuals and groups in their exploration and discovery of their Diamond essence, their desires, and their True purpose. As a teacher and healing catalyst, Amanda Butler is President of Keenawah & Associates and Founder of Stellar-Gaia Alliances ( Her mission is to spread the consciousness and vibration of love to others through healing the past, enlivening the spirit, and empowering the True Self. Her Diamond Life™ Services which include: Energetic Healing Sessions (energetic re-patterning and re-balancing processes) and Conscious Choice Coaching; in-person or via phone.