We can see spirituality manifesting in our lives daily. When we obey our parents, we are being spiritual. When we share our toys, we are being spiritual. When we feel and show love to our family members and nonmembers, we are being spiritual. When we forgive others and ourselves, we are being spiritual. When we are manifesting excellence in our lives, we are being spiritual. When we are demonstrating empathy for others, we are being spiritual. When success of our marital relationships is bigger than our egos, we are being spiritual.

In this process we are being spiritual, we are connected to Source, we are one and aligned with the power of intention as Dr. Wayne Dyer describes in his Power of Intention. The key, or the question to keep in mind, is this: Is this action, goal or intention of mine going to benefit others? How will lives be changed with this goal of mine? Is my giving to others a major part of my intention? If your answers are in the affirmative, then you are connected to Source. For you need to have the spirit of service to others in order to be successful.

There is a wonderful movement going on now that has promising results. This movement is the interfaith movement. Interfaith groups are popping up all over the USA right now and I think this is great for humanity. Interfaith groups realize that the best way to bring people together to talk about common solutions in society, is to focus on our common spiritual ties. The ones that are “in tune,” humanely speaking, know that we have more in common than we do in differences. I have been in interfaith circles on many occasions. I have witnessed a spiritual love that is unprecedented. People there put aside their differences, closed-door politics, backroom judgements, even dictates from their religious leaders, and joined hands with other spiritually-based souls. I think some of them were even embarrassed, because they don’t agree with the partiality and divisiveness that their leaders have espoused.

I think that we should not be in any group or religion that has “hate” as a doctrine to be followed and practiced. Hate is not an attribute of God. Love is an attribute of God. Dr. Dyer says that the word “good” is God with an additional “o.” So anytime that you are thinking of anything that is good, just say to yourself that God is there, because God is good and good is God. “Wow, girl, you sure look good today.” What are you really saying? “Wow, girl, you sure have God in and around you today.” “Hey son, your teacher said that you did good today and you were helping out some other boy with their work.” You really were saying, “Hey son, your teacher said that you were exemplifying God today as you were helping some other boy with his work.” “Mattie, you know that helping Mommy around the house and in the garden is a good thing, don’t you?” Interpreted as this: “Mattie, you know that helping Mommy around the house and in the garden is displaying God in action, don’t you?” “Jamal, speaking up for yourself, expressing your feelings is a very good thing and your parents will appreciate that in you. How else will they know what is inside of you?” You really mean: “Jamal, speaking up for yourself, expressing your feelings is a very Godlike thing to do, because your intention is sincere and loving, and you want to connect in a positive way with your parents. They will appreciate that in you, for they will now know how you are within.” “Nita, I really love how grateful and good you are in saying thank you all the time” You really mean: “Nita, I really appreciate how grateful and Godlike you are in saying thank you all the time.”

There are no limitations with God. Source and Source Energy have no reservations in giving. There are no shortages in the Universe. There is no scarcity or poverty in or with God. Even the word “no” is not a word that resides with God. The universally accepted word is “yes.” We say “no” way too much to our youth.

The unlimited abundance that is inherit in the Universe, and is available to everyone, won’t benefit you if you aren’t “tuned in” to the Devine station. Why do you think that they call your radio a “tuner” and “receiver?” If you want to hear a certain radio program, you have to have your tuner set on that particular frequency. It is then that you can “receive” the program that you want. In order to receive anything that you want, you have to first be in “tune” with that particular frequency. Everything has its own frequency. Take note of these frequencies:

▸ Love for others
▸ Self-love
▸ Realizing your greatness
▸ The perfect, healthy relationship

When we are tuned into these frequencies, we are truly connected to Source and then we can experience a life that we before only imagined.

How do we know what the frequency is of the thing that we want, so we can tune into it? The only element that we have control over and that we own, are our feelings. It is our feelings that align us with the objective that we seek. Spirituality is a connectedness to Source, our source, our beginning, our Creator. Being “in tune” is the same thing as saying that you are “connected.” What brings you back to Source, brings you back to the real goal that you have, brings you back home where it is warm and comfortable? It is your feelings. You have to be in touch with your feelings. You have to know what feelings you are feeling and what feelings you want to feel. That is a very important statement to internalize for all of us. You have to know what feelings you are feeling and what feelings you want to feel.

Author's Bio: 

He has been operating as the CEO of his consulting firm, Nazim Rashid Consulting, since 1993, now called New U Enterprises, LLC. certified by San Francisco's Community Board for Conflict Resolution Training, recognized by the International Who's Who of Professional Management for his work with the youth and is listed in their 2001 directory. He serves as a Consultant, Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist, Workshop Facilitator, Author and Motivational Speaker. He also has to his credit his first publication, curriculum and training manual entitled Young Fathers' Life Skills Curriculum and Facilitators Guide. His second publication entitled, Reconnected – How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self, focuses on repairing emotional wounds experienced in childhood while learning valuable personal development skills.