Design a wedding
You can do this on your own, or get someone creative to do it. Have your own wedding motif and personalise your wedding cards, itinerary, dressing gowns, napkins… basically whatever you can using this.

Monogram it!
Another cute way is to use both your monograms wherever you can… in the décor, on the wedding cake, floating in the pool etc etc. You can either use just the initials, or make it more like a ‘A & S’.

Personalised hampers
Whether it is the hamper you’re sending with the card, the one you choose to give every guest who attended, or the one you keep as a welcome hamper in their rooms, make sure it has something special apart from the usual stuff, which will just make it all the more special! You can have something like tiny bottles of both your signature scents or an exotic tea or coffee you guys love in the hamper.

Be unique
We’ve seen a bride get her love story embroidered on to her wedding lehenga, and another one who got it drawn on her mehendi! You can get as creative as you want with this!

Bridal room
They look so cute and make the pictures even more adorable! You can personalise a lot of stuff in the bridal room with stuff like the board at the entrance, heels, slippers, bathing gown and hangers!

Have an open bar? Invent your own signature cocktail for the wedding and write it down on a chalkboard! You can even give it some cute name like in the wedding above!

Personalised notes
You can get them printed, signed or handwritten, but make sure to add a personalised ‘Thank You’ from both of you to whoever took some time out for your wedding. You can place them on every table with a stand, as a coaster or maybe add it to the wedding hampers.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen
They did much more for you than every other wedding guest, so how about you get something extra special for them? You can personalise just about any gift to add that special love!

display your photos or personalise your napkins and coasters!

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