No doubt, Instagram is one of the top trending social networking applications which are also loved by countless people. It allows the users to share their pictures and videos with their followers. When you upload the content, then others have an option to put a like or comment on it. Most of the users are crazy about getting more and more comments on their posts.

If you also want to get the thousands of comments on your posts, then it is not a piece of cake. For it, you need to make some efforts or use some tips and tricks provided by experts. With the help of a few tips provided on the internet, you can easily Buy Instagram Comments for your posts and also increase the insight to your posts.

In the further post, you can read out the best possible methods to get more and more comments on the Instagram posts. You should check out all of these methods in order to boost your engagement and also to get a higher appearing in the newsfeed. Let’s have a look at the beneficial tips to increase comments-

1. Always ask to comment in the captions

When you post a video or picture then always add a caption to it. You should always try to add a good caption in which you can also ask the followers to make a comment on the post. You can either ask the follower directly to comment or also ask a question to the audience.

With the help of this, they will get encouraged to do a comment. You should try to ask a question every time related to the picture that you are posting. In this way, you can get more comments on Instagram posts with ease.

2. Always respond to the comments

When you post pictures and ask the audience to comment on it, then you also need to take some important things into consideration. When they comment on your posts, then you should also try to provide them the best reply for it.

If you respond better to their comments, then it will also surely encourage them to do more comments in the future. It is the reason that you should give them a good respond whether they are asking questions or giving you a compliment.

3. Run a contest to increase the comments

If you are using Instagram, then you may also notice that some people always run a contest such as comment and win rewards. With the help of these types of contests, they can easily get thousands of meaningful comments on their posts.

You should also start a contest on Instagram and offer attractive rewards for those who will do the best comment. With the help of this, you can easily increase the number of comments on your posts and make them popular.

4. Have a public profile

In order to get more and more comments on your Instagram posts, you should make your profile public. By doing this, anyone can easily open your profile and also check out the content that you have posted or going to post in future.

You should always post the content carefully and also after knowing that now anyone can see your posts. If you post the content according to the interest of the audience, then they will surely comment on your posts and also put a like on it.

5. Use hashtags

When you post any picture or video to Instagram, then you can also use the hashtags. You should always use them carefully in order to get good results. If you are using the tags that are viral, then it also improves your chances to get more comments.

It is the reason that you should always use the trending hashtags daily while posting content to Instagram. Always use the maximum two words in a tag to boost your posts to get more likes as well as the comments.

6. Post the quality content

Attracting more and more people to comment on your posts, you should provide unique and fresh content. You should also focus on posting the quality content for the audience which will also motivate them to comment on your posts.

It is also important to consider the interest of your followers into consideration while posting something on Instagram. With the help of this, you can also improve your chances to get more comments which is also one of the dreams of every Instagram user.

7. Instagram stories

Interacting with the followers is also very important when it comes to making a good bonding with them. For this, you can also take help from the Instagram stories instead of the posting anything every time. You can also post some stories for your followers to make interaction with them.

With the help of the different Instagram stories, you can provide them with some good content or also ask them about their life too. Well, it is also a good method to motivate them for providing the good number of comments on your posts.

8. Scheduling of the posts

Well, the scheduling of the posts is also playing an important role when it comes to getting the good number of comments. If your followers know when you are going to post something, then it is really good and also induces them to show their interest.

You shouldn’t post more than two to three posts daily because posting too much can also affect the number of comments. It is good to tell the followers that you will post something new or always post on the same timing to grab their attention.

Getting the good number of comments is not as easy as you think. But you can easily increase your chances with the help of all the above methods. You should also try to make your profile attractive to grab the attention of the audience. You also need to analyze your profile carefully to know what can help you to get more comments on the posts.

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