Technological innovation, for the most part, exists to make life easier. Cars made it easier to get from point A to point B, telephones made it easier for people to communicate over long distances, and the internet made it easier to access information. In today’s world, where technology is often taken for granted, it may seem as though there’s nothing particularly special about it, but there remain examples of how technology is making life easier in unique ways.

Illustrating your point
For eons, the only practical way to spread knowledge to others was by lecturing in front of as large an audience as possible. The concepts and ideas which could be expressed this way are limited by the oratory talents of the speaker. These days, thanks to technology, lectures and lessons can be augmented by cleverly conceived whiteboard animation videos and other visually interesting resources. Even the world’s best public speakers can improve their ability to get their point across thanks to these advances in computer and video technology.

Uncovering your ancestry
It used to require the assistance of a licensed genealogist to learn more about ancestry besides family lore. Not anymore, thanks to the ever-growing amount of digitized archives, records, and newspapers available online for anyone to look through. Searching a database of colonial newspapers, for example, can help determine whether or not an ancestor was actually accused of witchcraft at Salem. Consulting an expert may be needed for filling in the gaps, but the bulk of history is now at our fingertips thanks to technology.

Finding lost items
For the forgetful, it’s the stuff of science fiction: the ability to track down lost items like wallets, keys, and other personal belongings. Yet thanks to products like TrackR, the ability to keep tabs on the location of important items has never been easier. Simply attach or insert the wafer-like devices into the personal belongings and change the batteries when needed. In conjunction with a downloadable app, your items will never go too far.

Optimizing travel experiences
For decades, travelers had three options for counting on having a good time: hire a travel agent, visit the same place twice and therefore know the ins and outs, or hope for the best. In any of these situations, the experience often left something to be desired. Thanks to technology, the ability to optimize an upcoming travel experience has never been easier. This is critical for those seeking to build confidence through travel. It can be done through the use of multiple resources, including airfare discount sites, Google Streetview, online reviews, and video tours.

Keeping kids safe
Lastly, we arrive at perhaps the most important thing in life for parents worldwide: keeping kids safe. Since helicopter parenting is not healthy, technology has enabled parents to give back a certain level of independence and freedom to their kids without worrying about the dangers of the world. Phones equipped with GPS and similar technology allows parents to be in touch with their kids virtually at all times.

There are exceptions of course, but technology primarily exists for the sole purpose of making life easier. As we head deeper into the 21st century, the ways in which technology makes life easier will only get more interesting and unique.

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Robert Alleson