You may not be afraid of Boogie Man anymore, but you might be afraid to hit your toe from the extremely sharp edge of your bed frame. If you stumble on your way to the kitchen for a snack at midnight, then night lighting is required. Instead of filling your room with tiny lighting moons and bunnies or blushing yourself by lighting up the bathroom light, there are some ideas on how to apply smarter versions of children's night lights.

Shine the Shadow Boxes as a Night Lamp
Swap the child's night light you used to have to something with a bit more intense appeal. Shadow boxes can be created in many ways, mainly using wooden boxes or paper. You can draw your own shaded paper box, using led lights which are used with the help of a battery or mini lights, and create everything you can imagine of. Then lie down and enjoy a night light of your own creation.

Use optical fiber for the ceiling of your bedroom
If you're just tired of looking at the ceiling over your head while thinking of various things, then it is time to refresh your roof bringing the night sky in. Many people love the idea of a night sky inside their house but you can also grab a piece of the Galaxy for your own bedroom or your child's room. This is a moderately involved but very well difficult project. Depending on the type and size of your roof, you may have a lot of work in front of you.

Either way, you should consider the placement of the energy source and the size of your fiber optics. Typically, people choose different strand sizes to create a more realistic result. However, no matter how much effort it needs to be done, the prospect of sleeping under the sky will make you try to have the best result.

Christmas lights are not just for the holidays.
Everybody loves to gaze at the lighting of the Christmas tree during the night. But the usage of these lights is not only for the Christmas period. You could create a vault over your bed with a cloth and place chain lights or use all those warm white lights. Add chain lights to any part of your bedroom, floor lamps or even the ceiling. You do not need a lot of lighting during an evening walk in the bathroom. You just need enough light to avoid an accident. Consider installing the lighting at the base of your wall to make footpaths. You can have built-in small luminaires in the molded frame or use battery-operated night lights to provide low light. These cable-free night lamps could also provide lighting in this wardrobe, the place you store your various items and they will help you stop looking for the jacket you use when removing the trash after dinner.
Place a linear lamp in your office.

The place where you spend time during the evening, till late at night, when you have to work on the project that you haven't finished at the office or when you just want to look for what you are going to buy online, needs to be lighted in a perfect way in order not get your eyes tired. A linear lamp next to the office will provide you the needed light that will make your time in front of your laptop's screen easier. Do not forget to have breaks in between your work in order to rest your eyes.

Led tapes everywhere
Night lighting capabilities are endless with led tapes. You can light your cabinets or the back of your TV with led tapes. You can make your kitchen looks glorious or just show off your kitchen counter, even your last piece of chocolate cake. Led strip light is ideal for curves, so you can wrap it around your headboard or write words by the following art. Led strips are your choice when you need a straight line or a right angle and can also be used to align your ladder in a variety of ways. You can also put led stripes behind your TV set, in order to create a background mild lighting, which is so important for your eyes when you watch your favorite movie. There must be lighting somewhere in the room where the TV is on. Eyes need to be distracted by one more lighting, not only the screen's one. And what about the children's bedroom? You can place led stripes all around their room, in order to provide the place with enough lighting so they will not be afraid of the dark, but not so tensed that will make them not to want to sleep.

The most important thing when you want to place new lighting sources in your house is knowing your needs and using your own imagination in order to make a house that feels like a warm home to everybody. You don't need a lot of money. You just need a desire to change the things around you.

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