If you desire to have a modern kitchen, you should work towards it. The first step is to identify the unique features that define modern kitchens. Of course, cabinetry will feature a lot in the list of features. Therefore, you must be prepared to change your cabinets to accommodate modernity in your kitchen.

What does a modern kitchen look like?

These are the top distinguishing characteristics of modern kitchens:

Bold colors

In modern kitchens, homeowners are not afraid to express themselves using color. You’ll often see unique green kitchen cabinets installed in the kitchen. Such bold colors are attractive and bring a sense of boldness to the kitchen. They also stand out when they are used as complementing colors in the kitchen area.


The word out there in the design industry is sleek. Do whatever you want to do but achieve sleekness in the kitchen. This means that you will have to adopt a minimalistic approach in the kitchen. Also, ensure that it reflects all the tiny details that you want to show in the kitchen. With this in mind, you should only install green kitchen cabinets if you have a large kitchen space. If you install bold colors in a small kitchen, the space will look congested and you won’t have the modern look you are going for.

Inspired by nature

There is a growing trend to create nature-inspired spaces indoors. This trend gets to the kitchen with some amazing ideas like planting a tree, installing a wooden floor, or adapting to colors like green kitchen cabinets that reflect nature.

Open shelves

Though this is a personal choice, many interior designers recommend open shelves for a contemporary look. If you have a small kitchen space, installing open shelves is not an option. It creates a feeling of extra space in the kitchen. This also means that you have to invest in good-looking cutlery that will be displayed on the open shelves.


A modern kitchen needs to be well-integrated. You must think about it before you start implementing your ideas. For example, if you want to install green kitchen cabinets, consider all the complementing colors that you will need for other kitchen elements such as floor, walls, and appliances. They all must feel harmonized.

These ideas are great ideas for creating a wonderful contemporary kitchen look. Always ensure that your personal preference is considered when changing the look of your kitchen.

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