Netball is a unique ball sport played by two teams consisting of seven players per team.  The game originated from basketball. In fact, studies show that netball is more or less an earlier form of basketball.  The game started in the 1890s in England and had spread across the globe over the decades. The rules are standard and are moderated by the International Netball Federation, which had up to 60 national teams as of 2011. These team members have also been divided into five global regions.

The netball leagues are well organized and standardized to make them suitable for all and sundry.  Every aspect is well organized to ensure that every participant, whether a team, small group or individual, can have a level playing field as far as officiating is concerned.  

The management of the league is even made more smooth-sailing, thanks to the introduction of fixtures and league tables via which the progress and activities of each registered team are accessed and organized.  The league table and fixtures are also published online for everyone to obtain and assess.  The league table, aside from introducing complete transparency to the netball league, also makes the jobs of the team organizers to be very easy.  After every season, the poorly performing teams will be relegated, and great performers from lower leagues will be promoted to take the place of the relegated teams.  These processes have made the games highly competitive and exciting for the teams and their fans.

Divisional tournaments take place periodically, two times in a year in most instances, and these tournaments are open to league teams. This is a break from the conventional league format, but it has successfully added more pep to the netball leagues.

The leagues are organized to accommodate both genders. Bear in mind that the male and ladies leagues are equally competitive. Also, there are age group categories, which ensure that various age groups can participate and have fun while making some money for themselves. The venues vary and are published in the schedules long before match day to enable all participants to have an idea of where to converge for the matches long before time.  Bear in mind also, that the costs and registration fee varies from one category to another; you should check what obtains in your case long before the match day.

Netball game exists for both men and women, but the male version has not gained much popularity as the female league. Consequently, only a few sponsors ever want to be involved in promoting the male netball.


How to win your games

Everyone intending to participate in netball leagues must bear all the rules in mind.  However, you should not allow the myriad of regulations to take away the fun of the game.  You can always have an easy win if you make teamwork as an integral part of your play; the shooting and passing should also be accurate to achieve the objective of the game, which is to score more goals than the opponent. 

Also, make sure every member of the team knows his or her role in any game. The Goal Shooter, the Goal Attack, Wing Attack, Center, Wing Defense, Goal Defense and Goal Keeper should all be dully informed of their duties, and teamwork should be engrained into each of them.

Rules to keep in mind

Certain rules must be kept in mind while playing your games. Some of the rules are highlighted below:

  • You must not move into the opponent’s landing space.
  • You must not be positioned too close to an opponent.
  • You are also not allowed to lean, hold, trip or hold your opponent, leading to a physical contact.
  • You must not remove or knock the ball from the hand of your opponent when he/she is holding it.
  • You also must not push the ball into the hands of your opponent.

Aside from the rules provided above, there are some other essential rules a player needs to keep in mind while playing in the netball leagues. Some of the other rules cover aspects of the game as highlighted below.

  • Objectives, players, and team
  • Scoring goals
  • Obstruction

The rules of obstruction also cover two main categories, like:

  • Obstruction of a player when in possession of the ball
  • Obstruction of the opponent when the latter is not in possession of the ball

Do not worry about the myriad of rules. They may seem difficult to grasp at the start, but you will get used to them over time. You can start having fun right from your first game. Some organizations, however, simplify the entire process to make it easy for all players to participate without getting worked on the series of rules; one of such is Netbusters London Netball.


Do you live in London and its surrounding areas and want to play netball? Opportunities to participate in social netball leagues abound here. Many of the organizers have grand game plans for all Londoners and people in surrounding areas.  The games are not extraordinarily competitive but are simply social. Aside from entertainment, the social netball league can also help to improve your netball skill.

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