There’s a lot to think about when it comes to wedding receptions; the venue, the food, the music, the décor and many other things that make a wedding memorable. In fact, there’s so much planning to do that many couples will forget about their grand entrance into the wedding reception venue.

Your entrance into the wedding reception Toms River is actually a couple’s first official entrance as man and wife. It, therefore, deserves to be given attention and to be done right. There are a lot of creative ways to enter banquet halls in Ocean County NJ if that's your chosen reception.

Here are a few suggestions:

Dance Like it’s Your Last
Many couples go for a dancing class prior to the wedding. In these classes, you can request to be given suggestions on how to dance your way into the wedding reception Toms River. But even if you didn't go wedding dancing lessons and don’t know how to dance, simply grab your new husband or new wife and move with the flow of the background music. Even if you’re terrible at dancing, everyone will love a cute and romantic dance from newlyweds, and you both will have so much fun.

Silhouette Entrance
You could use a projection screen and create a silhouette for your guest to see as you make your entrance into the banquet halls in Ocean County NJ. To make it even more interesting you could even take a step further and start dancing behind the screen before making your way to the dancing floor. Not only will this get you gorgeous photos, your guests will also find it very cute and romantic.

Classic Tunnel
This is one wedding reception Toms River entrance tradition that has stood the test of time. It involves your party forming a “tunnel” with their arms while some music plays and your walk inside. You could give this a little modern touch by having the wedding party hold up sparklers as you pass.

Confetti Drop, Petals or Balloon
This modern wedding reception entrance idea is one of the most spectacular ones. A lot of couples use raised petals for this since they are romantic and you can add these to balloons for a festive vibe and confetti to just put out a party mood.
Be the lead singer
If you're holding both your main wedding ceremony and the reception in one of the banquet halls in Ocean County NJ, you could transition to party mode immediately be taking over the music. You and your new husband or wife can either request for your beats a sing to each other as you get inside the reception room at the venue, or simply have one of you take over from the choir and lead.

Wedding in Toms River NJ have experienced some of the most unique and creative wedding receptions. These are just some of the suggestions for ushering in your newly wedded life.

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