Every call counts and you may gain or lose a business opportunity based on a call. So, every business firm aims to reduce its chances of being unavailable to users whenever needed. For providing better and quicker customer response and for maintaining a seamless communication channel in which you can rarely miss out any business deal, you need unified communication. Unified Communication is the integration of all the real time and non-real time communications and provides device-independent and media-independent access to business communications from anywhere, anytime.

Unified Communications is not a single product but a combo of many tools and features. The elements of Unified Communications are:

Presence: This feature gives information about the online presence of any individual. It acts as a status indicator and it is important because it enables you to know whether a person is available to answer your call or not.

Instant Messaging: This is a text chat. You can message a person if he is available online and get instant reply from the other end.

Unified Messaging: This feature allows you to store all sorts of messages in a single inbox. This means that whether the message is a text message or audio or video message, all of them can be stored at a single location.

Click-to-dial: This feature allows you to dial to the company to enquire about any product or service or to report any issue in the functionality of the system. This helps you to get instant response from the other side.

Mobility: Clubbing unified communications with Hosted PBX enables you to go mobile. It means that if you are not on your desk and a call is meant for you, then that call can be transferred to your home phone or cell phone or wherever you are and you can answer it from there.

Online Transactions: Online transactions like internet banking, e-commerce, m-commerce, web browsing, etc. can be made via unified communications.

Conferencing and collaboration: Real time conferencing is provided which includes audio, video and web conferencing. Collaboration involves sharing workplaces, files and documents, etc.

One Number: You just need to maintain a single number and can get an unlimited number of extensions from there to different desks. So, wherever you are, only one number is needed to connect to you. This reduces the overhead of dialing multiple numbers and waiting for the call to get connected on any one.

Personal Assistant: This process provides filtering of messages and lets users navigate through their contacts, calendars, schedules, etc.

Advanced Calling Features: This service allows you to gain the advantage of the latest calling features such as call return, call hunt, call transfer, call parking, etc.

If unified communication is clubbed with Hosted PBX services, you can get monetary benefits along with reduced complexity and better customer response. Moreover, it provides features which allow you to present yourself professionally in front of your clients and maximize your profits while minimizing costs. So, unified communication reduces the possibility of losing any business opportunity.

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