This is a term that is typically heard in the area of spirituality and self development; where someone can feel a bit spaced out and disconnected from the earth. Perhaps one has engaged in some kind of energy healing or spiritual practice. And it can also take place when one been reading for a while or has used a computer for a certain amount of time.

Another description that can relate to someone who feels ungrounded is dissociation. Here, one feels that they are not connected to their body, let alone the earth. And this can be a relatively new experience and therefore noticeable or it can be the only thing they have known and this means they may not even realise it.

So with these different examples taken into account, it shows that one can feel ungrounded during certain moments of their life or as a way of life. And modern day technology can play a part in this, as well as spiritual practices that have been around for years.

Momentary Problem

If one is around computers and technology a lot or has a job that is highly focused on using their mind for instance, this is likely to be something that comes and goes. At the time they may or may not be aware of what is taking place and simply due to how focused they are at the task at hand. And yet when they get up to go for a walk, or have a break, it will often become clear that they are not in their body.

But before long, this experience will generally have passed and they will return to feeling like a whole human being. This person will know what has taken place and will have experienced it many times before; so there won’t be the need to do anything else.

If this disconnection lasted longer that it normally does or doesn’t go away even after they have stopped doing what they were doing, then it would be necessary to start asking questions.

A Way Of Life

When it comes to feeling ungrounded during each and every day of one’s life, then something is clearly not right. Computers could be used in ones career or as part of one’s life in general, however, they might not even notice that they are in their head, as this may be what it is always like for them. So no matter if they use computers or not, their experience of life is the same.

If one has recently had an experience that pushed them out of their body and caused them to be dissociated, then they might notice what is taking place. This could take a while to realise though, as what happened could be so traumatic that one no longer remembers how things used to be.


And to go even further than this would be the individual that has more or less always experienced life in this way and therefore doesn’t think about there being any other way. It’s like a fish in water; that’s the only thing that is known. As the saying goes ’we don’t know what we don’t know’.


To feel ungrounded on the odd occasion is unlikely to create too many problems. It could be said that feeling ungrounded is a by-product of living in the modern day world; with its reliance on technology. And as nature plays a much smaller role in modern day societies, which are filled with concrete, it can be harder to connect with the earth.

So to live in one’s head and cut off from one’s body is going to occur from time to time, but generally one will soon be back in their body. When this is a way of life and one is always in their head, the consequences can be severe.


There is going to be extremes here and some will be more manageable than others. For some people this could lead to memory loss and not knowing what they did a few moments ago. The mind can create a lot of mental energy and so to be stuck in there can cause one to feel restless; have a short attention span and even be labelled as having attention deficit disorder.

To feel disconnected from the rest of existence can be normal and this will include: people, nature, animals and one’s body. It could be mystery as to what one is feeling and what their needs and wants are. Anxiety could also be an emotion that one is familiar with and experience on a regular basis. Having intimate relationships with others may also be a challenge and all because one is disconnected from their feelings and emotions.

The mind could turn this experience into a story and cause one to feel as though they are from another planet or they could have visions of leaving their body. And there are many other consequences.


For some people, taking a break from what makes them feel ungrounded and spending time in nature may be enough. However, if someone always feels disconnected from their body and the earth, then that is not going to be enough. To feel ungrounded during certain moments is one thing and it something very different to feel ungrounded most of the time.

Trapped Emotions

When something is painful it is natural for one to leave their body and go into their head. This is an act of survival and is not wrong or bad. Trauma is typically described as an experience where one feels powerless and this means that one won’t feel safe enough to go through their feeling cycle. If they could feel what took place, it would allow them to process what happened and move on.

And trauma is not always a big event either; it could be an accumulation of lots of little things that gradually wear someone down. So when one doesn’t feel safe enough to feel their feelings, it is then normal for one to move their awareness into their head. The body becomes an area of pain and something that one will do their best to avoid. So these trapped feelings and emotions are causing one to leave their body and while they are there, one is unlikely to go back onto their body.


So as one releases their trapped feelings and emotions they may find that they return to living in their body and only live in their head when it is appropriate. This might be something they have never experienced before or something they used to experience.

This can be done with the assistance of a therapist or a healer who will allow one to get in touch with their trapped feelings and emotions and gradually release them. As to how long with take will depend on how much of a build up one has in their body.

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