If people try to run away from you when you talk and you want to do something about it, you should cure your bad breath. And for treating it you have to learn more about it.

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. There are numerous issues which are the root cause of bad breath. As spicy food items such as onions or garlic can cause odd-smelling breath, use of tobacco, periodontal disease and dry mouth can also bring about bad breath. Also, microbes which develop in the food specks sticking to braces, dentures or teeth can give out bad breath. And if that is the situation, regular cleansing in form of brushing and flossing at least twice in a day and after each meal, together with special cleansing of tongue can rectify your bad breath resulting from taking away of bacteria.

If you experience bad breath following eating however don’t get opportunity to brush immediately, there is a way out. You can nibble gum or sugar-free toffee. This lets saliva to flow more which removes microbes and other waste.

Water and raw veggies and fruits

Having ample water and crusty untreated veggies and fruits such as apples, celery, etc prevent microbes which bring about bad breath. If you smoke a lot, you may find the truth helpful to stop the habit that smoking is a major causative factor for bad breath. Smoking causes shortage of vitamin C, which further causes bad breath, hence having vitamin C supplementation, such as lemons, oranges, etc. may be helpful.

Onion and garlic

Onion and garlic are notorious to cause bad breath. After you digest them they circulate in your blood and access your lungs through blood. In that situation they are sensed in your breath for minimum two days though you keep on brushing for all day long.

Sprays and mouthwashes

Sprays as well as mouthwashes can mask bad breath but are unable to rectify the underlying cause of the disorder. Hence, they are temporary solutions. If you find that your bad breath is becoming chronic, it is advisable to consult your dentist.

Periodontal ailments

If a periodontal ailment is the underlying cause of your halitosis, you have to take a gum disease treatment from a dentist, who will later direct you to a periodontist to find out the causative factor of your halitosis. If you are prone to accumulation of plaque, your dentist may suggest you an antibacterial mouthwash. Upon that too, if you don’t find any mitigation, tooth decay may be the likely cause and you must take advice of your dentist.


Plaque is not only a root cause of halitosis, but also the commencing issue of many dental ailments in due course. The plaque is the flourishing home of microbes, which produce all the oral problems, to teeth, breath and gums. If you are suffering from bad breath, become cautious regarding your oral hygiene and give special consideration to brushing and flossing. Consult your dentist about how to brush and floss properly, so as to maintain your teeth forever free of plaque.

Fresh breath makes you confident. Moreover, it makes you feel good. However apart from these aesthetic benefits, it is a sign of really fine oral fitness. Hence, take care to keep your breath forever odor-free.

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