“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the USA

Today, we live in a world where attention spans have been considerably reduced, and some of the most crucial conversations are completed within 140 characters. And, when you add the advancements in science and technology to this scenario, it becomes evidently clear that sticking to dated methods of learning is no longer going to make the cut. The same old mold of classroom lectures-homework-exams will not only fail to resonate with the modern learners but also incite no added zeal for learning in the young minds.

This is the reason why we, at Sapphire International School, recognized among the Top 5 Schools in Noida, believe that the key to modern education lies in experiential learning. Being a form of learning that focuses on engaging students through hands-on experiences and reflection, experiential learning can truly bring out the skills and virtues of the young learners. Having said that, let’s delve deeper into the prime reasons why we, at Sapphire, always encourage this form of learning at our school and among our pupils.

A prospect to encourage greater creativity

The key focus of experiential learning is to engage the creative aspects of children’s minds in seeking the most fulfilling and unique solutions to hands-on tasks. When we teach them about the theories and facts in class and give them assignments that put those learnings to test, it’s their creative minds that come to the rescue in helping them find the right solutions.

An effective opportunity for deeper reflection

Reflection is the key aspect of the experiential learning process. The incorporation of concrete experiences with abstract concepts and reflecting on the outcome make students engage more areas of their brain in making deeper connections with the material. It makes them analyze the effect of their actions on the outcome and the difference of their outcome from their fellow classmates. This ensures a better understanding of the application of the concepts.

Connecting the classroom learning with the real world

At Sapphire International School, we firmly believe that all our classroom lectures and teachings will go in vain if the material does not pertain to the real world. Besides, we can only make students stop tuning out from the lectures when the concepts and data are made ‘real’ by involving hands-on activities that produce actual results. It gives children a greater opportunity of interacting with the information as per their own learning capacities.

Enabling better attitudes towards their mistakes

One of the most important virtues in the youth of today is the ability to take mistakes and hurdles in their stride. Experiential learning can come to their aid in fostering this crucial quality, as well. After all, when students partake in hands-on activities, they realize that some approaches work better than the others. Mistakes are nothing but a way of working that wasn’t fruitful, and this is a vital life lesson to imbibe.

Guiding students towards their future life paths

Being grounded in real-world scenarios, experiential learning always helps in bringing out the inherent abilities of children. It helps students discover their own aptitudes, skills, and passions, and further development of these capacities is what leads them towards their future accomplishments. This discovery puts them on a defined path to higher studies.

We, at Sapphire, the best preschool in Noida, believe that the act of involving children in learning makes the experience more personal and satisfying to the learners. Besides, experiential learning also gives the learners a glimpse of their intrinsic abilities, and thereby works as an added advantage for them. It is this aspect that offers both the children, as well as us, an opportunity to work further on enhancing those talents and virtues. And we, at Sapphire, are leaving no stones unturned in delivering our young buds with the best of experiential learning opportunities.

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We, at Sapphire, are leaving no stones unturned in delivering our young buds with the best of experiential learning opportunities.