Cars to most people are a necessity and to many others is a love that happens to be their passion. For those who take it as essential, do not really worry much about its maintenance. Those who have it as a passion spend too much time keeping it fresh and maintained. However, regardless of how much you love keeping them right, one can’t do it too often as it can get way too expensive. Besides, there is yet another thing that most people don’t know about and the hidden fact is that different car parts and accessories have different life spans following which, a major need to replace or renew them might pop-up in the future. For instance, after a certain period of time, you might need to walk out in search of the land rover spares for your 6 months or so old car. To have the essentials replaced or serviced at the right time, it’s important for you to know the basic life and expiry limits of your car parts (that are mostly similar for every model). And this is exactly what we have to serve you with. Below is a list that talks about the life expectancy of various car parts and so. Crawl down the blog to explore more!

Air conditioning

The air conditioner in any car generally comes with a life span of around a year. Well, that doesn’t mean you need to run for a replacement annually. It just means that you must get your car’s air conditioner serviced once every year. This is because all throughout the period, dust and debris are expected to accommodate themself in the system which can cause the air conditioner to not work properly. You can easily guess its condition by its operation (whether or not is it cooling the car well). Sometimes all it might need is a little cleaning and at times a gas recharge maybe.

Air filter

The expiry of the air filter can be different depending on the model. You can find its information in the owner's manual that you get while buying the car. It is highly essential to have an eye on it as a clogged up air filter possesses the ability to have a damaging impact on the other parts of the vehicle. On a general basis, it demands a change once a year or after 20,000 km driven.

Airbags and seatbelts

The two of them are major essentials for the safety of anyone taking a ride. You can look up to them as the first line of defense while facing an accident or so. Fortunately, each of them comes with enough lifespan that lies around for about 10 to 15 years which means you do not need to worry too much about them. However, in certain situations, you must consider having them in perfect condition throughout.


The car battery demands a regular change every four years, regardless of how much you have driven the vehicle. So regardless of the time, you must consider being in touch with a dealer who can provide you with certain land rover spares in the future. This would help keep up with the functioning of the car.

Brake pads

The brake pads of your car need to be replaced every 3 years or after the car has been run for around 50,000kms. However, one must not ignore the fact that the frequency of replacement can also differ according to the size of the vehicle you own.


The life span and expiry of the tires vary depending on a number of factors for different cars. On a general basis, they might need a replacement every 5 to 7 years. You need to look for the most reliable spares for your car to flow smoothly for the following years.


The lifespan of a clutch is about 100,000 km on a general standard. However, this can also depend on your driving skills. Let’s say if you are a harsh driver, the clutch might wear out a lot sooner.

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