It's the words that no person who is married ever wants to hear: your mate is cheating. Sad to say that is exactly what is taking place in your relationship. It is not like you didn't have your suspicions. There had been specific indications which as time went on became more difficult to disregard.

For instance your significant other claimed on more than a few occasions to be working late. Except when you checked out the pay stub it never matched up with the number of hours they claimed to work.

And then there had been other things like little white lies that contradicted what they said before. Or your friends informed you about some questionable conduct they witnessed your spouse engaging in. After doing quite a bit of research you discovered that your marriage partner was undoubtedly carrying on an extramarital affair.

Now comes the next phase and that is confronting your spouse with the proof. Their response can go a variety of ways so you must be ready for anything and everything. Among them are:

1. Full Confession

Either the remorse that they were experiencing got to be too much or they understand that lying about it at this stage is useless. And so they confess. Now just how your spouse confesses is in a class all by itself. Hopefully your mate will express genuine remorse at what they did.

However it may be a confession of the angry sort. Your spouse is mad you found out what was going on, enraged that somebody told on them, beside themselves that you were spying on them or perhaps all the above. Okay they own up to it but that does not mean they have to be happy about it.

2. Your Mate Could Care Less

This isn't so much a confession but an act of defiance. You discovered what was going on and your mate could not possibly care less. As a matter of fact they are delighted you found out what was happening because now they can tell you why they did what they did and even share some of the in-depth details of the affair. Your mate takes great pleasure in trying to hurt you while simultaneously expressing no regret for what they have done.

Stay cool with this one since their objective is to shock you, control the confrontation and place you back on your heels. Maintain composed and stay in charge by weathering their arrogance.

3. Lie About It

Your significant other has absolutely no clue what you're referring to. The people who spotted them fooling around are undoubtedly wrong. Believe it or not they are the ones who are lying since for reasons unknown they never liked your spouse. This response can be just as maddening as the arrogant one. Regardless of how much concrete proof you present they won't admit to having an extramarital affair.

This sort of reply will demand a lot of composure and determination on your part. This may also necessitate you giving a powerful ultimatum to get them to finally admit it.

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