Changes occur every day in our personal and professional lives. They can be through the death or illness of a loved one, pet, or friend. They can happen in our jobs, relationships, health, finances, where we live, in our communities, or in the world.

Sometimes we have control over the events occurring and other times we don’t; they are out of our hands so to speak.

So what do you do in the meantime when these things are transpiring?

Do you sit back with your hands behind your head and rest awhile?

Do you throw your hands up and give up?

Do you clench your fists and fight all the way through?

Do you throw down your hands in defeat?

Or, do you open your arms and welcome the opportunity for change?

Changes whether they’re your choice or not, are occurring and your responses to them make all the difference. Either way they are still happening with or without your approval.

Changes present you with opportunities to grow, learn, and expand as a spiritual being.

They offer you new ways to be creative, to do things you never thought you could do, face fears, try something different, meet new people, experience new places, and most importantly, they give you the gift of possibilities.

I’d like to offer you an approach to change that not only helps you through, but allows you to expand on all levels.

It’s called, “in the meantime I will”…

Embrace my feelings. Often when changes occur you will go through different feelings it’s important to embrace them. Allow them to awaken and/or deepen your spiritual connection with the great mystery of life.

Embrace new possibilities. When unexpected events happen, new opportunities are available even if you may not see them right off, they’re there. Trust the unknown and where it may lead you.

Take some well needed time off. Sometimes things happen as a warning sign, or prompt you to slow down and make time for you. They are reminding you to enjoy all the wonders life. Don’t rush through changes, savour each and every moment of them.

Look at things differently. Often we get stuck in old mindsets, beliefs, routines, and schedules. Changes allow you to look at things from another perspective; to shed the old and invite in the opportunities to cultivate new ways of being and doing things.

Develop new skills and talents. It’s amazing how many brilliant gems lie dormant until you are faced with something out of the blue that force you to reach inside and pull out the gifts you were born use and share.

Be creative. Whether it’s writing, painting, photography, poetry, music, pottery, etc., creativity allows you to expand on all levels. Allow your passion(s) to emerge and feel the freedom of expressing them in any way you choose.

Here are some more possibilities when you are faced with unexpected changes,

Take a course, or join a group.
Meditate, breathe, and listen.
Connect with life, nature, and others.
Volunteer somewhere you feel called to.
Take a chance on something, or someone new.
Have fun, play, dance, sing, or whatever makes you smile.
Take a vacation and experience different places and cultures.
Make a list of all the things you want to experience in life and keep adding to it.

So when faced with change you can say, in the meantime I will…

I think you get the idea. There are so many possibilities for you; all you have to do is allow the changes internally as they are occurring externally.

For some, change is harder than for others, but at one time or another in our lives we all come up against something that takes us out of our comfort zone. One thing you can count on is you are the deciding factor of how you will respond and experience what is occurring.

Within every shift lies the potential and promise of something new; a place to transform old mindsets and experience the expansiveness within.

When you trust change, you are opening up to the hands of God to take these happenings and mould them into something beautiful.

So next time you are about to alter something, or it occurs with or without your permission, remember, “in the meantime I will…”

Just wait and see what great things are in store for you!

Author's Bio: 

Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach of The Insight Technique™. She is certified in Body Mind Counselling, Process Oriented Body Work and Spiritual Psychotherapy. She founded the Insight Technique™ - Your Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself and others in uncovering and discovering their brilliance. To question and understand your thinking so you can transform what blocks and limits you from living the life you desire and deserve. Or "living your dreams".