Corporate events are often serious in nature. They cover complicated subject matters by established speakers. Terminology and extensive training are typical. Many complications could arise: from delayed schedules, through reliable venues, to expensive equipment.

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Attendees usually have high expectations, as they pay a premium price for their ticket. That is why it is quint-essential to your reputation to leave your audience in awe. In today’s competitive marketplace, to really leave an imprint on your guests’ memories, you have to add an element of surprise during or after the event.

If your budget is flexible, collaborating with an established entertainment agency will solve that last problem. It will remove the burden from your shoulders and will ensure your audience’s satisfaction. If you cannot afford that luxury, though, you will have to get creative with your corporate entertainment.

Here are some unique ideas that will keep your attendees on their toes:

1.    Live Art

If live music does not sound appealing to you, consider surprising your guests with a live painter. Graffiti artists have become one of the hottest trends in the corporate entertainment world. The proportions of their art make it easy for anyone to watch their creations come to life. You can request a unique piece that ties in with the theme of your event, too.

2.    Virtual Reality (VR)

Though a bit more complicated due to its technical aspect, a VR experience could add a futuristic touch even to the most traditional corporate party. You can offer your audience an insight into your own products or let them enjoy an underworld, horror story, or journey through space.

3.    Aerial Tricks

The circus is not the only place that is suitable for the magic of aerial performers. Let your attendees’ jaws drop with individual or group flying acrobats. A sense of adventure and adrenaline spikes are guaranteed.

4.    Augmented Reality (AR)

Have you ever participated in a treasure hunt? Is it not thrilling to follow the clues and win prizes along the way? Imagine all that combined with the power of AR. If you thought of Pokémon Go, you were on the right path. You can use the opportunity for subtle advertising and event-themed challenges.

5.    Escape Room

Solving a mystery murder or finding the Holy Grail are bonding experiences for any employee team. Escape rooms promote the spirit of collaborative work that also allows for everyone’s strengths to shine through. To avoid any disappointment, gather your attendees’ opinions before booking the venue,

6.    LED Robotics

Neon light, colorful smoke, and funky tunes are only some of the features of LED robots. These smart machines could turn your corporate event into a disco party.

7.    Holograms

Seeing holograms of yourself or some of your favorite characters during a corporate event is a memorable experience. It will not suit every venue due to the size of the equipment. It is also quite pricey, so factor that in, too, for your next event plan.

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Corporate events are often serious in nature.