Has anything like this ever happened...?

"You're standing at the Cottesloe Beach holding hands of your sweetheart, and just when you thought of a perfect selfie that with the sunset in the backdrop, your cam blacks out. Everything comes crashing down this, and all you can say is - What a rip off!"

To be honest, this is not surprising at all. But what's important here is to find out the reason for this issue. In most cases, this glitch could be due to some hardware or software bug. But, that doesn't mean there couldn't be any other reason for this malfunction.

iphone camera repair

If Your iPhone Cam's Gone PITCH BLACK?

On launching the iPhone camera app (or even its third-party cam application); one finds a black screen which refuses to change. In such a situation one:

  • Needs to ensure that nothing is blocking the lens. Remove the back cover to check if there's something stuck to the cam hole.
  • Shut down the cam app by double-clicking the home option and by swiping the app upwards to kill it.
  • Once closed - relaunch the camera after sometime. If it doesn't make any difference to how the camera responds, then shut down the device and restart again. If the issue still pertains, then take the device to a reputed iPhone repairer and get it fixed.

If Your iPhone Cam's BLURRY?

If the clicked images appear out-of-focus or blurry, then is another sign that the camera has some issues. One can:

  • Clean up the lens using a microfibre cloth.
  • If one has an iPhone with optical image stabilsation (relevant in 6s, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus and X models), then remove the metallic lens accessories. It can interfere with the magnetic lens and make the images appear blurry.
  • Keep those hands steady when pressing the volume up option of tapping the shutter option. Using a tripod or mount is also an option to prevent blurry appearing images.

Try these out, and if the camera still produces out of focus images, get it examined with an expert proficient in all kinds of iPhone Repairs in Perth at budget-friendly rates.

If Your iPhone Cam's FLASH DOESN'T WORK?

Though pictures do look nice without additional flash, there are times when this feature delivers wonderful clicks- particularly in low-light areas. So, if the flash has gone on the fritz, then:

  • Check the LED flash and its flashlight by accessing the control centre.
  • Make sure the flash setting is set as per the needs- (Auto-on-off).
  • When using flash in hot conditions or for extended videos, the device will give out a message - 'flash is disabled', till the device cools down to normal. So this could be another possibility for the flash becoming dysfunctional.

Yet; one should find out a trustworthy expert providing quality and cheap iPhone Repairs in and around Perth to check it out (and possibly fix it).

After All, It Is Always Better To Be Sure Than Sorry!

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The author has heaps of field experience in professional quality and cheap iPhone repairs in and around Perth. With that, the author is also a writer who educates the readers on all different kinds of iPhone repairs in Perth via blogs and articles.