Everyone deserves a happy life. While circumstances can make us feel down and sad, the major source of unhappiness to many people is their habits, mindset and behaviors.

In this post, we look at top 3 of the most vicious daily that make your world seem gloomy. We also look at some ways to overcome or minimize them.

  1. Being a perfectionist

Sure, we all aim to live a perfect life – whatever your concept of ‘perfect’ is. But life doesn’t have to be perfect all the time for us to be happy.

When you always seek out perfection, happiness can be an elusive goal. Setting your standards at an unachievable level can lead to low self-esteem. Despite your achievements, you might feel that you are never good enough. This feeling can sap your drive and motivation – it can make your world dull.

To overcome this mindset, always remind yourself that you are the one who decides what perfect is. You set the bar for yourself – and no one else. Keep in mind that it’s alright to settle with “good enough.” Don’t buy into myths of perfection.

Set a realistic deadline for your goals. Most of the time, we set improbable objectives that we tend to always fall short. Deadlines should give you a push but not kill you.

When you’ve done everything but things just really don’t seem to fall in place, don’t be too hard on yourself. Accept it and move on. Life is meant to be enjoyed not perfected.

  1. Surrounding yourself with negativity

You probably know the Mexican proverb: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” When you live in a sea of unhappy thoughts, it becomes difficult to live a happy, content life.

Be careful what you listen to, read, and watch as well as who you socialize with. They have big effect on how you think and feel. If you surround yourself with negative thoughts, the world becomes negative. So, it’s important to avoid voices that fill your mind with limitations, worries, and fears.

Look for stuff that invites you to experience at the positive perspective of life. Read uplifting blogs, books, or posts. Listen or watch inspiring content. Follow online personalities that promote positivity. Look for friends or acquaintances that look at the world in a positive light. Better yet, develop a hobby and find like-minded people. For instance, if you love off-road trucks, you can check out websites like LightBarReport.com/ where you can find some great car accessories.

Replacing negativity with positive vibes can have a tremendous impact on your life. Try to spend more time on inspiring thoughts and you’ll live a happier life.

  1. Comparing your life to others

Constantly comparing yourself to others is a very destructive, yet very common, habit. You compare your paycheck, cars, relationships, social status, houses, etc. Although there’s no problem if you see other people as inspiration, being fixated at what others have achieved can have a major impact on your self-confidence. It can breed negative feelings and further pummel your self-esteem. It can lead to envy and make it difficult to find contentment in life.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself. That means focusing on what you’ve become and what you’ve achieved. Look at where you are ten years ago and see what things you have acquired. Observe how far you have come and what struggles you’ve triumphed over. Think less of other people and think more about yourself. A quick glimpse at your life can give you satisfaction.

Be happy for other people. How you think and behave towards other has a major effect on how you act towards yourself. The more critical you are against other people, the tougher you become to yourself.

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Let positivity reign in your life and you’ll be happier!


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