An undervalued stock is an asset that can be brought by paying a lesser amount than its actual worth. The stocks may become undervalued due to different reasons. Market crashes or any other sudden changes in the market can cause the stock prices to drop.

Stocks can become undervalued due to negative press information that can make a bad impact among the public. Fluctuations in the stock in industries over a period of time affects share prices. The price of the stock falls when the result is very poor when compared to the estimates.

Let's give an overview of Undervalued Shares through the last trader I discovered a few weeks ago on Youtube. Swen Lorenz, investor and author of is sharing his strategies to find undervalued stocks to optimize the potential of increase.

How to Find undervalued Stocks ?

Traders use fundamental and technical analysis to find out undervalued stocks.

how become a trader and focus to buy stocks under value

Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating the intrinsic value of the stock by analysing the factors that could influence its price in future. It is based on external events and influences. They also depend upon financial statements and industrial trends. Fundamental analysing is time-consuming and complicated.

Technical analysis is based on previous market patterns. It is evaluated using historical price charts and market statistics. Technical analysis is based purely on the price charts of the stock.

Eight Ratios to find Undervalued Shares ?

Swen Lorenz is using in technical analysis and fundamental indicators to find undervalued stocks. This allows him to be efficient in term of finding the right action to buy at the perfect time. Obviously, he cannot be right every time and his track record shows some errors such as any transparent trader that publish all his trades to his clients.

Price-to-Earnings ratio P/E

A company’s P/E ratio is the most popular way to measure its value.

Price-to-Earnings ratio P/E to valuate shares

This ratio shows how much you would have to spend to make $1 in profit. A low P/E ratio means that the stocks are undervalued. This ratio can be calculated by dividing the price per share by the earnings per share.

Debt-equity ratio D/E

The D/E ratio measures a company’s debt against its assets. A higher ratio means that the company gets most of its funding from lending. This doesn’t mean that its stock is undervalued. D/E ratio is calculated by dividing liabilities by stockholder equity.

Return on equity ROE

ROE is a percentage measure that measures a company’s profitability against its equity. ROE is calculated by dividing net income by shareholder equity. A high ROE means that the shares are undervalued.

Earnings yield

The earnings yield can be seen as the P/E ratio in reverse. It is earnings per share divided by the price.

Dividend yield

The dividend yield is a company’s annual dividends compared to its share price. To calculate the percentage, you divide the annual dividend by the current share price.

Current ratio

The current ratio is the measure of its ability to pay off debts. It is calculated by simply dividing assets by liabilities. A current ratio lower than one means liabilities cannot be adequately covered by the available assets.

Price-earnings to growth ratio PEG

PEG ratio looks at the P/E ratio compared to the percentage growth in annual earnings per share. If a company has solid earnings and a low PEG ratio, it means that its stock is undervalued. To calculate the PEG ratio, divide the P/E ratio by the percentage growth in annual earnings per share.

Price-to-book ratio P/B

P/B ratio is used to assess the current market price against the company’s book value. To calculate it, divide the market price per share by the book value per share. A stock could be undervalued if the P/B ratio is lower than one. (Swen Lorenz) reviews : is it legit and effective ?

Undervalued Shares is a website created by Swen Lorenz. On private investment opportunities, he serves as an inspiration and research resource for the investors. This services are used by budding investors to understand the market, important techniques, ideas and for case studies.

analysis of the market to find under valued stocks

The website provides effective opportunities to investors to buy and sell stocks. It gives ideas and methods based on which private investors can take charge of their own investments independently. The website makes a big community with investors around the world demolishing every demographic barrier. The website also publishes free weekly dispatched on various topics from the sector written by Swan Lorenz itself. Therefore, it is 100% genuine in its content. The website provides extensive investigate research reports about trends in the markets written by Swan Lorenz. You can subscribe for these reports by paying a small fee of $49 per year.

How to increase your wealth through undervalued stocks ?

Buying stocks when they are undervalued is the key component of Warren Buffet’s investing strategy.

Therefore, investing in undervalued stocks is a good business. You can study about it from various websites like the Undervalued Shares and try a hand in this sector.

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