A job in MNC is fulfilling but working in an international environment is challenging. If someone wants relocate in the city of Amsterdam for lucrative jobs, knowing English alone is not adequate. A proficiency in Dutch language or basic communication skills in the language can bring rich dividends in the corporate world and take up advanced roles in an organization

If someone is planning to relocate in Amsterdam for a job then her/his ability to speak Dutch accurately and concisely can help her/him take the next big leap in her/his career. A Dutch language course in Kolkata will provide the best training to the language enthusiasts and job seekers. the course will open up new career avenues for those who are aspiring to work at top MNCs in diverse sectors of Indian companies like IT, aviation, KPO/BPO, hospitality, education, healthcare and others. It is because these companies look to hire competent multilingual people who have the ability to speak a language like Dutch fluently and accurately.

Besides oral communication, the course is beneficial for honing writing skills which will be ideal for writing emails, business letters and correspondences for foreign clients hailing from Amsterdam. In fact knowing Dutch can be perfect for interacting with foreign clients in meetings, seminars, conferences and other business purposes.

People can read all kinds of information online to aid them along in Dutch, but Dutch is learned most efficiently, effectively and naturally by ‘doing’ and by being corrected by native speakers.

Learning Dutch for jobs in diverse business sectors of India

In the corporate sector of India, there are plenty of jobs up for grabs for those who can speak Dutch fluently and with precision. From working as a corporate trainer in leading Indian companies to flight attendant leading airline companies, there is no dearth of job opportunities.

The role of corporate trainer is particularly interesting because every organization seeks competitive advantage with highly trained and qualified manpower. If someone is willing to take the plunge now, an online Dutch language course in Kolkata would be excellent.

However, it is the BPO/KPO sector where a person can utilize her/his communication skills in Dutch in the best possible way. Those outsourcing companies and firms that deal with Dutch clients need customer care executive or voice process agents to take their telephonic calls and resolve their queries. There is also non-voice process where employees need to interact with the Dutch clients and provide them support through chatbots and emails.

In the KPO sector, the demand of Dutch translators is on a surge. Those with excellent written skills in Dutch language can apply for the jobs. The best option would be to work as a freelancer and earn handsomely by translating written materials such articles, letters, books, thesis papers from English to Dutch or vice-versa.

In the hospitality sector, the job of liaison officer needs special mention. The attractive job role includes greeting foreign visitors hailing from Amsterdam or other Dutch speaking nations at top-notch resorts and hotels, accompanying them to their assigned suites or guest rooms, and explaining them the amenities available there.

The aviation sector too welcomes Dutch speakers with plethora of jobs of which the profile of flight attendant is prominent. The responsibilities and tasks include providing information and guidance, conducting safety checks and ensuring comfort to passengers on board aircraft.

To conclude, learning Dutch can provide learners the much-needed competitive edge. Especially in this era of globalization and booming import-export, and tourism sector and increase in the number of outsourcing firms investing in India. The skills and knowledge in Dutch can also be utilized if someone is planning to relocate to Amsterdam for jobs, higher education, permanent settlement and even vacation.

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Laxmon Gope is the author of this article on Dutch language course in Kolkata. He is a foreign language trainer and part-time blogger and contributed to several informative posts on websites. He is also into landscape photography which he considers his hobby.