Do you struggle with having too much time on your hands? Or too little? Is time a prison for you, or a pleasure palace? Have you ever stopped to wonder why you allow time to run your life?

Many people use their emotions to play games with time. They believe that they absolutely-must-do-something-now and so find it stressful. That they must engage in an illusionary pastime immediately because there will not be enough time later. If this is the case, then you will find that your relationship to time underlies a great deal of your sabotage programming. Most people are victims of time and completely unconscious of the fact that there is another way.

Time management is not about being “busy being busy”. The more you think that you haven’t got enough time, the less time you are going to have. The more you know that you have time, the more you will actually stretch time out so that you can accomplish things. It’s about being a time master instead of allowing time to enslave you.

I had an amazing “light bulb” experience when I first heard this concept and integrating it has brought the magic back into my life. I had been running the “busy being busy” program for years, speeding myself up to get everything done and hence going into a state of permanent urgency, which not only took me out of the “now” moment but also meant that I was running on my adrenals and burning out my thyroid gland and nervous system. There is never a good reason to leave the “now” moment. The way to master time is to stay in the present, keep your energy flowing evenly through all moments and expand time out. Get time to work for you, not against you.

“Busy being busy” people have the tendency to get hold of this understanding and try to increase the amount of time they have to accommodate their many activities. Fine lines of discernment are needed. You must ensure that the activities you participate in are in line with your plan and purpose and not a means of avoiding feeling, and that you are focusing on one thing long enough to achieve success.

Arriving everywhere late is an interesting phenomenon. It’s not like people who are always late get later and later until they eventually don’t arrive at all. They always seem to be late by the same amount of time. This is pretty much the same dynamic as being in urgency, only instead of being in front of the “now” moment you are perpetually behind the sweet spot.

A clock has nothing to do with time it is just a machine that counts its own ticks. “Time” is the name given to the motion of consciousness. This explains why when you are with someone you have just fallen in love with and you desperately don’t want the moment to end, it seems to pass in a split second, and when you are waiting at the dentist it seems like 14 days. Your consciousness is able to manipulate your perception of time.

Linear time is the sequential passage of moments, and is only experienced below soul level. The soul resides midway in the mental plane so linear time is only present through the lower half of the mental body, the emotional and physical body. When you transcend time you experience the wonderful sacred quality of timelessness, where there are endless possibilities and no concept of time and/or space. To experience timelessness you need to master linear time first.

There are many who float around in their higher light bodies, never fully engaging in earth life and driving their bodies by remote control. They bliss out in those higher light bodies without every really engaging in life. The problem with this is that they don’t tend to manifest much on the ground. It also isn’t a good thing to leave the body unattended. It is a bit like leaving your handbag on the bench at a busy train station. The obvious signs that this is occurring is when eyes are glazed and don’t have a strong focus, energy is top-heavy and not grounded into physicality and speech is a bit airy fairy. When I first put my hands on their bodies when doing body work they flinch and squirm. Afterwards they can feel like lead weights and may even find walking a struggle until they adjust to their new way of being. After treating such people I make a point of telling them what might occur as they often feel they are doing something wrong, embodiment is so alien to them. This information is not shared so that you go around telling people that they are space cadets but rather so you can look in the mirror if you feel that you might fall into this category.

There are also those who hang out in their heads and don’t ground down into the physical body. These people live in their imaginations, continually engaged in thoughts about the past or future and so don’t experience being present. They like to analyse and dissect everything and spend time figuring it all out to avoid engaging in how they really feel. If you need to understand every aspect of a problem it just means that you are planning to have the issue again. These people tend to have a lot of energy concentrated in the head area and very little energy in the feet area. Their nervous systems and general health tends to be compromised due to overactive mental stimulation. Minds weren’t designed to be constantly thinking.

People who have problems staying in the present moment generally have quite a bit of fear in all its expressions. They have tended to build fortresses around the heart to protect it. They will experience not feeling safe. What is needed is to clear out all the fear-based programming so that the physical vessel is a safe host for spirit to descend. This is what it means to spiritualise matter.

Some people both float around in their light bodies and think incessantly. My teacher once referred to me as a “head tripping space cadet who avoids anchoring my grounding cord at all costs”. He recommended that I stop floating around in the higher bodies and fully anchor here on Earth, suggesting it might be time to confront my fears and commit to being fully here so that I can assist Mother Earth. He added that he was looking forward to meeting me here on Earth soon. I recall feeling shocked because I was completely oblivious to this being the case. I wasn’t really experiencing life but living it through the running commentary in my head.

We are designed to use our feelings to guide us to our own divine wisdom and heart-knowing, to become a presence of love and feel all hearts connected as one. This means that when you are centred you are focused in the heart. The mind was designed to plan which doesn’t take long in a day, and to be like a still pond and loyal dog. When you tell the dog to sit, it sits. When you tell your mind to be still, it is still.

You won’t be able to master time until you ground fully into the physical plane, having gratitude for and understanding of linear time. From this place, you can move into to sixth dimensional consciousness and experience timelessness. Once you master linear time you can move beyond the limited idea of time and space, but not before. First you must ground fully into the physical body, loving and enjoying earth life, then you can expand out from this space to encompass the higher and lower bodies all at once instead of being either here or there.

The motion of consciousness which we call “time” is a third dimensional quality. The third dimension is a combination of the first and second dimensions. You start to move out of that linearness in the fourth dimension and into what we call “flow”, where everything seems to flow rather than struggle. The sixth dimension is where you experience pure timelessness and so move beyond the limitation of form. Sixth dimensional consciousness is about is-ness. It all just is. To be in a state of is-ness you need to have transcended judgment in its entirety. So becoming a master of time means being free of judgment.

Linear time gives you the opportunity to develop mastery and be able to focus in a way that you cannot within the eternal now. It is a separation of one stream of consciousness out of the eternal now into a linear passage of energy in a controlled way so you can concentrate on one thing at a time. It allows you to fully master, integrate and become one with that one thing, to focus on one thing to an extremely accomplished level of mastery and then to move onto another thing and master that. This is a great gift. You can’t possibly do that if it is all present all of the time and all time is ever present. A great key to integrated heart mastery is to give thanks for the opportunity to learn in this way and come to the understanding that time is not a prison.

There has been more change, particularly socio-economically, in the past hundred years than in the last five thousand years. More consciousness is flowing more rapidly. This means that you are able to accomplish more within a given space of ticks on a clock. You are a victim of the time continuum if you believe that because things have sped up you cannot achieve much and you don't have enough time.

If you need more time you don't slow time down. You need the time continuum to run faster so more time is fitted into the same interval. If you slow the flow of a river, in a particular time interval, less water will flow. If you slow time, then in a given interval, less time will flow. This is why people don't have enough time and get less done. You need to speed it up because it is like a river. If the river runs faster, then more water flows in a particular time interval. This explains why those magical moments in our life pass so quickly. We want them to last forever, so we try to slow time down and everything appears to happen very quickly. If in those moments, we speed things up, those precious moments would seem to last forever. It is the same with the experiences of pain and sorrow, which are so necessary in our lives to actualize our ability to love the unlovable. If in those moments, we speed time up, they will pass more fleetingly.

So there’s linear time which we all know - tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Or if you’re not enjoying yourself it’s more like tick------------tick-----------tick. Beyond time we have forever, which is a long time but it’s not all of time. When you move beyond forever, you’ve all of time and beyond all of time you’ve got eternity.

Embracing the awareness that time is not fixed and that you can manipulate time will begin your journey to becoming a lord of time. The wonder and magic of what you can do with your life will start to unfold before your eyes. However to fully integrate this knowledge you need to come to your own knowing and that is not something that you can figure out in your head. To further your knowing on this topic contact

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Jenny Parker is a student of the world. She has had many adventures as a student of life in her quest to find the beauty of self, from riding across the Nullabor (the stark, treeless plain between Perth and Adelaide in south western Australia) to sailing half-way around the world on a yacht. She has had many careers, including a design business in London, England. For the past 11 years Jenny has been officially working as a healer, writer, Ascension Mentor and teacher and inspirational speaker and is currently living in Perth, Australia. She has developed her own unique way of working which melds mind/body/soul mechanics. She’s passionate about all aspects of the ascension path, especially uncovering psychological clarity in self so to return to the authenticity of self, and helping others to do the same. Jenny’s vision is the transformation of humanity to compassion and joy, and the restoration of planetary health. She shares that, “My mission is to fully embody heart mastery and wisdom on all levels of my being, and to inspire others to do the same.” In her own playful way, she creates laughter and a brighter outlook where ever she goes.For more info go to or email