In my healing and personal development work I am on a constant journey into understanding myself as a multi dimensional being and all the frequency levels that our mind functions in. I would like to address something that is vitally important to understand in moving forward with the blue Matrix work that I have taught you without hindrance. This involves the emotional addiction to suffering, the lower band frequency of infra red and what role it potentially plays in our lives. There is a lot of information here so you may wish to read it more than once to fully integrate the knowledge.

First it is necessary to understand the nature of lower band infra red. From what I have learned and experienced this is the first layers of the infra red realm where often disturbed beings and thought forms exist. Earth bound spirits also are trapped in this frequency. It is important to note that Hollywood has had a field day that has gone on far too long in exploiting the ‘scary’ aspects of this consciousness through depicting images of violent ghosts that can throw a person across the room, exorcism of demons etc. In reality these beings and thought forms exist in a higher vibration so they cannot physically cause harm the way that is grossly exaggerated in the movies. In addition, when we leave our body at night we pass through this realm on our way up to higher band infra red where these disturbances are not present.

I would like to share with you some of my observations of this place and how we can all unconsciously create thought forms there in the emotional addictive cycle of suffering. Sometimes if I am in a crowded place, just falling asleep or moving into deep consciousness my mind will suddenly become bombarded with many faces and incoherent thoughts. The sensation is somewhat disturbing because if I did not have the knowledge of what was happening I could easily think that I was loosing my mind. These images and thoughts can be overwhelming, very confusing and since they are in my mind they can appear as if I am generating them. I know from my knowledge and experience that I am not generating them; my consciousness is simply moving through lower band infra red and I am picking up all these strange people and their incoherent and sometimes disturbing thought patterns. I then move beyond this realm into higher levels of consciousness. If you have ever experienced this then hopefully this explanation will help you to understand what is actually happening to you.

Having understood lower band infra red and how it feels to pass through it I must tell you that emotions of insecurity, depression and fear to name a few, open the door to this place and feel very similar to the oppression and confusion that lurks there. The reason for this is because those types of emotions are frequency specific with lower band infra red. The difference however is that we are generating them. When we get trapped in a cycle of such emotions we are actually creating powerful thought forms in lower band infra red that can haunt us in our dreams, attract other people and entities to us of those frequencies and this drags the frequency of all we have worked towards in elevating our lives down. Like attracts like, not to mention that the peptides that are created can also act as voices in our brain of unworthiness, lack etc. In effect that is how we create our own personal hell that in a sense already exists in lower band infra red as created by a collection of disturbed minds. Many people believe they are victimized by others negative energies or foreign entities not realizing that they are in fact creating all the drama with their own thinking. Will can gradually get sapped out of a person as they succumb to the neurosis of living in guilt, shame, insecurity, lack, pain, fear etc. and thinks hell becomes a way of life or something that is battled everyday that you try to move forward in a constructive goal or dream.

So how to stay out of this hell and break the addictive cycle of destructive emotions like insecurity, unworthiness, shame, guilt and any fear based emotion? This formula is something that I apply in my own life and hope that it is also helpful to you:

First understand why you get stuck there to begin with. I have long contemplated the nature of the addiction to suffering and I believe I found the answer to why many succumb to it. Most people at some point in their lives feel the burden of responsibility weighing on their shoulders. Since they have not been taught to focus and create reality where by the divine intelligence within delivers what they want, their responsibilities get saddled onto their humanity and they have to handle them mass to mass. The nature of our society is such that everyone is overworked and stretched to the max in some area of their lives. There never seems to be enough time, money, love, and happiness to go around. The destructive thoughts and emotional cycles create a reprieve from their responsibilities. As a person is worn down by insecurity, depression etc., his will to achieve is greatly compromised. There is so much drama to contend with that the person is unable to fulfill his obligations, commitments and cannot strive to achieve greatness in any arena. This sadly may actually be the ulterior motive of the altered ego; keeping the self addicted to the drama of suffering so it does not have to strive for greatness and possibly fail. Now that there is an understanding of why it happens next we can look at how to break the addiction. On another note, who was Satan really in history? Seth; the Royal family member who murdered his brother Osiris; a mortal man! So legendary were his tirades that he became infamous as the 'devi' or 'Satan.' A misuse of ancient ceremonies and symbols begot the dark, black magic or Satanic, Ritualistic practices.

Recognize that any time you are experiencing any of these emotions you are literally moving in frequency to the confusing incoherence of lower band infra red. A helpful visual is to actually see the door open to this realm and feel the emotions spontaneously as they have been bottled up behind this door. Once they have passed examine any issues that the emotions previously skewed and apply Quantum Mind Management, personal healing, Quantum Wealth or Holographic Navigation System; tools from the other modules taught by Blue Matrix Energetics.

I know that once you identify the areas where you get stuck in ‘drag me down’ emotions and use this information to expose them for what and why they are, you will find it much easier to move out of these episodes and to stay on track with your goals and growth.

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